April 6, 2021 – Shutting Down This Website

The actual non-profit COMO-CAL was shut down in 2016.  This website has remained viable in order to provide information to mobile home owners.  However, it is time to shut down this website.  It will be closed as of May 30, 2021.    Please visit us at www.mobilehomemagazine.org.  This site is up to date and displays all magazines we’ve published over the last ten years.  They contain a wealth of information.

The Legal Fund (4/2021)

After 18 years as an advocate for the mobilehome owner community, we strongly believe there is only one way for you to protect yourself.  That’s finding a way to unite with other mobilehome owners across California.  We also have learned you have NO RIGHTS, i.e. the Mobilehhome Residency Law is worthless unless you have the resources to hire an attorney and fight for your rights in court.  To that end, Mobilehome Magazine is forming a Legal Fund.  Details are yet to be worked out, but essentially you would contribute $25/year to a fund, along with other, like-minded owners.  The Legal Fund would be administered by  a committee, and funds would be available for a consultation and letter from an attorney.  Often times, this resolves a problem.  The Fund would not be available for a protracted court case.

We encourage all mobilehome owners to join the fund.  100% of the fund would go to legal expenses, i.e. there would be no administration fees.  The Fund would be totally transparent, i.e. we would give an accounting of monies in the fund as we go.

Please join us.  Send no money now.  Just send Frank Wodley, Publisher of Mobilehome Magazine an email at fawodley@yahoo.com.  Write your city in the subject line, along with the word LEGAL FUND. As soon as 300 have showed an interest in joining the fund, we will notify you and start collecting money. 

A Digital Magazine (4/2021)

We want every mobilehome owner to be connected.  Presently Mobilehome Magazine reaches 54,000 homeowners every three months.  That means over 300,000 receive no information.  We want to change that.  Mobilehome Magazine, beginning June, 2021, will publish a monthly digital magazine. Subscriptions are just $1 per month.  (If you want to receive the digital magazine, starting in June 2021, just send a check for $6, payable to Mobilehome Magazine to Frank Wodley, 1799 Brightside Street, Tulare, CA 93274.)  If you join in September, only send $4.  If you join January 2022, send $12, i.e. send $1 times the number of months left in the calendar year.

September 2, 2019 – A Breakthrough

Never in history have owners of mobile/manufactured homes had a viable means to enforce the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL).  That all changes today! Mobilehome Magazine and the Mobile Home Owners Network have teamed to bring all California homeowners an inexpensive, simple, effective way to not only enforce the law, but to be informed and organize, all at the same time.

Beginning today, we will begin accepting your email letting us know you want to be part of this new program.  Here are some questions/answers about the program:

Question.  When will the program be launched, i.e. when can we get legal help?   Answer.  For the program to be viable, we will launch only after 300 homeowners have pledged to pay $24/year.  That will provide us $7,200, enough to hire an attorney, and administer the program.

Question.  How will I benefit?  Answer. (1) You will receive an informative magazine every-other month by email – 6 total.  Eventually, as the program develops, you will receive a hard copy magazine, perhaps monthly – 12,  (2)  You will receive discounts on the books we offer – The Great Deception ($20), Our Frequently Asked Questions Handbook ($7), Mobilehome Wars by Donald DeVore ($15), and Don’t Call Them Trailer Trash ($25),  (3)  You will have access to our HELP-LINE (hours and days to be determined), (4)  You will be able to submit complaints to us which we will address in a timely manner.  We will decide if a consultation or a letter from our attorney is warranted.  There may be a small co-pay for these services.  Remember, there are very few attorneys that have experience with the MRL.  Those that do may charge between $175-$250 per hour.  (We, before we became advocates, paid $1000 to an inexperienced attorney for one letter.) We expect the co-pay for a consultation to be $50 for a half-hour, and about $100 for a letter.

Question.  How do I join?  Answer.  Send an email to fawodley@yahoo.com with JOIN MHONET in the subject line.  Then identify yourself in the body of the email.  Please send your mailing address, including park name, and your phone number.  (We will not call, just for our information) Send NO $$.  As soon as we reach the 300 count, we will email you to send us $24.  Make your check out to Mobilehome Magazine, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA 91313.  We will notify you by email when we receive a total of $7,200 and can launch the program.

Question.  What about homeowners without email?  Answer.  They will not be able to participate without an email address; however, as the program develops, they will.  We will explain that transition later.  If they can use the email of a friend or relative, they can join by using that email.

Question.  Is this a good deal?  Answer.  No.  We feel this is an excellent deal.  Remember, homeowners have no rights today and are not being protected by any organization, private or government.  Sure, there are a handful of regional organizations that are doing good work; however, none of them offer a viable means to enforce the MRL.  We are the only ones that do.

Question.  Can you trust us?  Might we be taken over by park owners as happened to GSMOL?  Answer.  Absolutely.  Remember, Mobilehome Magazine has furnished the community of homeowners 1,500,000 copies of the informative magazine at no cost to the community.  That’s dedication.  And we’ve run the Coalition of Mobilehome Owners – California for 12 years.  (COMO-CAL closed because we decided a statewide group was not the best way to serve homeowners, regional groups were.)

Question.  I have questions about the program.  How can I ask?  Answer.  It’s simple.  Send an email to fawodley@yahoo.com and ask away.

Remember, we launch when 300 homeowners commit to pay $24 to Mobilehome Magazine to join the program.    Nothing will happen unless YOU step up and decide to support us.  So we suggest, send that email and help us protect you.  That’s our goal!

Update September 1, 2019 – A WARNING

Owners of mobile and manufactured homes in California have an investment worth about $25,000,000,000.  That’s $25 with a Billion!  We’re sure you are one of them.  Now ask yourself, how much did you contribute (time and money) to protect your investment over the last year, five years, 10 years?  If you’re like 99.999% of homeowners, you spent NOTHING, ZERO, NICHTS.  GSMOL gets the most $$ – now almost $200,000/year (which is controlled by park owners – read below).  Please do not support GSMOL.

Our plan of regional organizations provides you with real protection – an attorney for consultation and letters, a bi-monthly newsletter, a help-line, and much more.  Where can you spend $2/month and receive such benefits.  If even half of the community spent $2/month, we guarantee the loses due to  interference of sales, and the stress caused by abusive managers would decrease markedly. And we’d have enforcement of the MRL.  ALL FOR $2/MONTH!

You can join MHONET, and start being protected today.  Simply send a check made out to Mobilehome Magazine for $24 and mail to Mobilehome Magazine, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA 91313.  You’ll receive shortly a copy of our 36 page Handbook of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.  A must-have reference.


Many homeowners visit this site each month.  Why not?  It has eight years of Mobilehome Magazines (2019 and archives) with lots of helpful articles.  And we authored the controversial book The Great Deception, about the take over of GSMOL by park owners in 1989.  They still control GSMOL today!

What has been the response by GSMOL and its supporters?  They have decided to ignore it.  I’ve sent a few the book to their leaders; however, they have said they probably wouldn’t read it.  Of course, the park owners want to continue to control our beloved GSMOL.

The evidence presented in the book is accurate and verifiable.  Nothing has been made-up.  And our conclusion of a take-over is credible.  If you’re skeptical, read the book and make up your own mind.  If you can prove my conclusions wrong, we’ll send you $100 cash from my own pocket (that’s a lot to us).

The Community needs to wake up and wake up quickly.  There is NO ONE watching out for you.  We are working hard on a second book – GSMOL is not alone in this conspiracy against you and the million others living in mobile/manufactured housing in California.  We will be writing about the Department of Housing and Community Development, as well as  the Senate Select Committee on Manufactured Housing Communities, which is chaired by Senator Leyva.

We are the only advocate telling you the truth.  We have a history of working for homeowners – 1,500,000 magazines free to the community is just one example. We also saved residents of the San Fernando Valley almost $1,000,000 because we were able to roll-back an illegal rent increase in 2008.  Just two examples of our commitment to you.

The Great Deception effects every homeowner in California.  Please consider a purchase – just $20.  Send a check for $20 made out to Mobilehome Magazine, P.O.Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA 91313.  You won’t be sorry you did.  The book is 350 pages, 8″x10″ – so it is a long read. 

And please, don’t just visit out website.  Consider a donation of $5 or $10 or more to help us continue our work. 

We need volunteers.  Help us help you.  Volunteer to distribute Mobilehome Magazine.  You’d be doing your friends and neighbors a favor.  There is no magazine like it.  GSMOL shut down four magazines because they didn’t want you to know about The Great Deception, i.e. the truth.

We also want to help you organize, in your park, or in your region.  Step up.  Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.  Call Frank @ 818-886-6479 or send him an email at fawodley@yahoo.com.  Do it today!

Update August 1, 2019

Mobilehome Magazine Newsletter.  We are taking pre-subscriptions to our new Mobilehome Magazine Newsletter.  Information in the newsletter is exclusive to those who have subscribed and will not be posted online.  The newsletter will be $10 for 6 issues.  If you are interested, just send an email to fawodley@yahoo.com and insert “INTERESTED” in the subject line.  Send no money!  Nothing else to do but wait for an email from us saying we are beginning to send out the Newsletter.  At that time we will bill you $10/6 issues.

Publication will begin as soon as we have 200 subscriptions.  So if you want to be connected to the only honest, truthful source about mobilehome issues, you will want to subscribe.  We are sure you will find the information well worth the $10 cost.

Update July 17, 2019

You are not protected!

The Great Deception  proves that our beloved statewide organization, GSMOL, was taken over by pro-park owners.  Don’t believe me? Then read the book yourself.  Books are now available through Mobilehome Magazine.  I’m offering you a $10 discount.  Make checks ($20.00) out to Mobilehome Magazine, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA 91313.  I’ll send your book first class mail the same day.

As a consequence of the takeover, you and I are not protected.  There is no viable means to enforce the MRL.  There are no solutions to pressing problems like interference of sales and manager abuse.

Our only option is to reorganize.  Step up and form a regional group.  We’ll pay you $1,500 if you do and help you every step of the way We’re doing our part, please do yours.

Until regional groups are formed, we will begin organizing homeowners by restarting MHONET.

Mobile Home Owners Network (MHONET).  Website:  mhonet.org

Since we are NOT PROTECTED today, we have decided to start accepting memberships again in the Mobile Home Owners Network (The Network. Website:   www.mhonet.org).  Membership is $24/year.  Members receive a quarterly magazine, access to a help-line, discounts on books (The Great Deception, Mobilehome Wars, Don’t Call Them Trailer Trash and COMO-CAL’s Handbook).  Plus as soon as we have enough members, The Network will offer limited legal assistance (consultation, and  letter writing).  There may be a small co-pay with legal assistance, that is to be worked out.

Make checks out to Mobilehome Magazine, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA 91313.  Include your contact info including address, phone number, email address, and park name.

Questions:  Call Frank at 818-886-6479 or email him at fawodley@yahoo.com

If you don’t join us, you become part of the problem.  Do the right thing, it is just a small amount to have some peace of mind.  And please know we are doing our best to organize and keep you protected.  Much thanks from the crew at Mobilehome Magazine and MHONET.

You can contact Frank at fawodley@yahoo.com, at Mobilehome Magazine, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth CA, 91313 or call him at 818-886-6479.


The Regional Group Plan 2018

We are currently working to open up several Regional Groups in Southern California

  • Los Angeles County to be known as LACMRA (Los Angeles County Mobilehome Residents Association
  • San Gabriel Valley to be known as SGVMRA
  • Carson/Torrance/Gardena and surrounding areas to be known as SBMRA (South Bay Mobilehome Residents Association
  • We hope the Yucaipa Mobilehome Residents Association will network with all of us.

Until further notice, Mobilehome Magazine will administer the program.  Keep tuned for further developments.

UPDATE November 2017 – We Are Active!

Thank you for visiting COMO-CAL. We are still active as Mobile Home Owners Network and are accepting members.   We are now located at www.mhonet.org and www.mobilehomemagazine.org.   Membership is just $25 through the end of 2018.  Joining is simple.  Make a check out to Mobilehome Magazine and mail to P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA 91313. We provide many benefits to members. Our May 2017 magazine details the Money Club – tips that can save you hundreds of dollars.    In time, this will probably pay for your membership.  Members also receive a monthly magazine, access to our help line, and much more.

If you want to start a park newsletter, we will help.  Just email Frank Wodley at fawodley@yahoo.com or call him at 818-886-6479. We will provide the newsletter for FREE to any park that supports us.

COMO-CAL CLOSED Effective 12/31/2016

As of 12/31/2016 COMO-CAL is closed. A vote of current members was taken and 84% agreed with the Board of Directors to shut down.  We’ve gone through all steps required by the State of California  to dissolve COMO-CAL, and it was effective in March 2017.

What’s Next?

The closure of COMO-CAL is just part of a reorganization plan, called ThePlan2018 – www.mhonet (The network). We have been developing and fine tuning it over the last two years. Details of this plan can be found in the February and March 2017 issues of MH Life Magazine, where you can read about it’s more than 50 benefits over current advocacy.  ThePlan2018 will provide needed changes to get everyone working together toward a common goal.


Visit Mobilehome Magazine to view and download all magazines.

Mobilehome Magazine will administer ThePlan2018.  ThePlan2018 provides the community huge benefits, including a monthly magazine, a Help Line, a 36 page Handbook of Frequently Asked Questions, an attorney (for consultation, letter and article writing) and eventually a lobbyist.  Membership is only $25 through the end of 2018.  Mail checks payable to Mobilehome Magazine, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth CA 91313.  Your receive a welcome letter with your membership number, and will begin receiving monthly magazines.  As soon as your park has 20 members, we will mail each one our FAQ Handbook


The COMO-CAL Website

We intend to maintain the COMO-CAL website (www.comocal) for the near future; however for new information, please visit Mobilehome Magazine