2007 Mid-Year Manufactured Housing/Mobilehome & Related Bill Summary

Senate Bills

SB 541 (Alquist) – Application for Residency, Income Requirements:  prohibits park management from denying residency to a buyer of a mobilehome in a mobilehome park solely on the basis that the buyer does not satisfy a minimum park income requirement, such as a 3:1 income-to-rent standard, without taking into consideration the buyer’s other financial assets.

Sponsor:  CMRAA

Support:  GSMOL, CRLA, Western Center on Law & Poverty, CA Alliance for Retired Americans

Opposition:  WMA, CA Mobilehome Park Owners Alliance

Status:  Passed Senate 24-12, pending in Assembly

2007 Mid-Year Mobilehome & Related Bill List

SB 586 (Dutton) – MPROP Funding:  designates allocation of  $100 million from Proposition 1C’s Housing Innovation Fund, approved by the voters in November, 2006, to various housing programs, including $10 million to the Mobilehome Park Resident Ownership Program (MPROP) for loans to help mobilehome owners purchase their parks or spaces.

Sponsor: Author

Support & Opposition: Unknown

Status:  Pending on Senate floor.

SB 589 (Correa) – Park Sewage Clean-up:  provides HCD with the authority to require mobilehome parks to remove debris from major sewage spills from mobilehomes, park sewage systems, and permanent buildings within a mobilehome park, not simply require sanitation of such spills, as is the practice under current law.

Sponsor:  Senate Select Committee on Mobile/Manufactured Homes

Supporters:  GSMOL, CMRAA, CRLA, Western Center on Law & Poverty.

Opposition:  Unknown.

Status:  Passed Senate 39-0, pending in Assembly.

SB 900 (Corbett) – Condo Conversion:  repeals a provision of the Subdivision Map Act that exempts mobile home parks converted to condominium resident ownership from most local subdivision map and local mobilehome rent control requirements.

Sponsor:  GSMOL

Support:  CMRAA, CRLA, Western Center Law & Poverty, others.

Opposition:  WMA, CA Mobilehome Park Owners Alliance, Californians for Resident Ownership, others.

Status:  Passed Senate 22-16, pending in Assembly

SB 926 (Perata) – a “spot bill”* expressing legislative intent to examine the Mobilehome Residency Law to determine whether it adequately protects the rights, health, safety and welfare of mobilehome park residents.

Sponsor: Author

Support and Opposition: Unknown

Status:  Pending Senate Rules Committee, 2-year bill.

SB 981 (Padilla) – Pass Through Fees:  provides that park management may only provide for the maintenance of park common area improvements on residents through with funds acquired by rents, not “pass-through” fees in addition to the rent.  The bill also only applies to rental agreements entered into, extended or renewed on or after January 1, 2008.

Sponsor: GSMOL

Support: AARP, California Alliance Retired Americans, Gray Panthers, Neighborhood Friends.

Opposition: WMA, California Association Realtors, California Mobilehome Parkowners Alliance

Status:  Passed Senate 21-15, pending in Assembly

Assembly Bills 

(not yet FULLY updated to reflect mid-year status)

 AB 285 (Garcia) – deletes a current Mobilehome Residency Law requirement that a park owner must show that a mobilehome owner in the park has another principal place of residence, other than a mobilehome in the park, in order to exempt the homeowner’s mobilehome space from a local rent control ordinance.  Sponsor:  WMA 2 year bill


AB 382 (Saldana) – Omnibus Housing Bill that, among other technical corrections to the codes relating to housing, deletes the Manufactured Housing Communities Act and makes Manufactured Housing Communities subject instead to the Mobilehome Parks Act.  Sponsor:  Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee

AB 410 (Adams) – Increases the maximum value of unclaimed property, left by the tenant on the premises after an eviction, which the landlord may retain and dispose of in any manner from $300 to $500.  This provision may apply to some tenancies in mobilehome parks.  Sponsor: Conference of Delegates of the California Bar Association

AB 446 (Soto) – provides that a park management’s notice to a homeowner, to make certain repairs or improvements to the home or otherwise remove it from the park on resale, is void and unenforceable if the repair or improvement required by management does not comply with specified provisions of the Mobilehome Residency Law.  Sponsor: GSMOL

Passed Assembly Floor

AB 460 (Cook) – requires that, as a condition of resale in place in the park, 1975 and older (pre-HUD) mobilehomes be inspected inside and outside by a private home inspector and that any violations be brought up to code in accordance with HUD regulations.   Sponsor:  WMA

2 year bill

AB 1111 (DeSauliner) – requires mobilehome park management to obtain the consent of 51% of the park residents before changing an existing park rule limiting residency in the park to seniors.  Sponsor:  GSMOL

Status:  Pending Assembly Housing Committee, 2-year bill

AB 1309 (Calderon) – a “spot bill”* for pre-empting local mobilehome vacancy control rent ordinances, stating legislative intent that a local rent control ordinance or initiative shall not be administered to jeopardize the financial viability of mobilehome parks.  Sponsor:  WMA

AB 1542 (Evans) – provides that a fast track provision of the Subdivision Map Act that exempts mobile home parks converted to condominiums or subdivisions from most local subdivision map and local mobilehome rent control requirements does not apply in local jurisdictions with mobilehome park rent control ordinances.

Sponsor:  City of Santa Rosa

Support:  GSMOL, CMRAA, CRLA, Western Center on Law & Poverty, League of Cities

Opposition:  WMA, California Mobilehome Park Owners Alliance, Californians for Resident Ownership, others.

Amendment by author now being made.


The list represents most bills pending as of June 8, 2007 in the Legislature that may directly affect mobilehomes, manufactured homes, mobilehome parks and issues related thereto.  The list does not reflect bills on other issues that somehow may indirectly affect mobilehomes or parks or subsequent amendments to other bills that may impact them.


*A “spot bill” is a place holder awaiting amendments to further detail or expand the issue referenced in the bill or another issue.


Legend of Organizations:
CMHI = California Manufactured Housing Industry

CMRAA = California Mobilehome Resource & Action Association

CRLA = California Rural Legal Assistance

GSMOL = Golden State Manufactured-home Owners League

HCD = CA Department of Housing and Community Development