On January 16th GSMOL appeared in the Assembly Housing Committee to support passage of AB 1111 by Assemblymember Mark DeSaulnier which will help to preserve 55 and older parks in California .  The bill was amended in committee with the support of GSMOL and will now amend.

As amended the bill will add a provision to State law which states that: “a local public agency with authority over the jurisdiction where the park is located may, by ordinance, prohibit the management from amending an existing park rule or regulation that limits residency or tenancy to individuals 55 years of age and older.”

The amended version of the bill was supported by the City of Hemet , The League of Cities, GSMOL, and other local governments.  There had been some opposition to that provision which would give a vote of mobilehome owners in the park the right to veto a change by park management.  Rather than make the vote nonbinding and a futile exercise, that paragraph of the bill has been removed, and in its place, local governments such as cities and counties will now have the authority to adopt ordinances prohibiting the owners of 55 and older mobilehome parks from changing that age rule for the protection of seniors living in retirement age parks.  The bill now advances to the Assembly Floor.  Continue urging your own Assemblymember to vote yes on AB 1111 by Assemblymember Mark DeSaulnier.


GSMOL Stops AB 285 by Assemblymember Bonnie Garcia.

Park owner sponsored AB 285 by Assemblymember Bonnie Garcia would have weakened local rent control protections for mobilehome owners.  GSMOL president Tim Sheahan and GSMOL legislative advocate Maurice Priest appeared in committee to oppose the bill and with remaining concerns of GSMOL, the bill was killed in committee.  It is still possible for park owners to introduce a new bill this session which would attempt to weaken local rent control so we will be on the lookout for any further efforts which would weaken rent control protections.


GSMOL Opposes AB 1309 by Charles Calderon to be Heard on the Assembly Floor.

GSMOL has circulated Floor Alerts to all Assemblymembers urging them to vote no on AB 1309 by Assemblymember Charles Calderon.  This park owner sponsored bill would permit rents to be increased in rent control jurisdictions at time of re-sale of a home by a minimum of 20% and up to 70% above existing rents depending upon an appraisal showing the higher rent to be market rate.  This would be a tremendous blow to affordable housing and to mobilehome owners and we are urging all Assemblymembers to vote no on the bill.


SB 900 Will Continue Efforts to Protect Mobilehome Owners From Condo Conversion.

GSMOL sponsored SB 900 by Senator Ellen Corbett is the remaining vehicle which can address the condo conversion problem in mobilehome parks.  With a veto of AB 1542 by Noreen Evans, GSMOL efforts continue on SB 900.  The bill has not yet been set for a hearing but will be heard in the Assembly Housing Committee in February or March.  It is important that you write to your own Assemblymember urging them to vote yes on SB 900.  For further updates on pending legislation after normal business hours call the toll free GSMOL legislative hotline at 1-800-888-1727.