AB 1309 (Calderon)

Passes Assembly Housing Committee

Posted : Wed, 09 May 2007

Author : Western Manufactured

Housing Communities Association (WMA)

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 9

Earlier today, the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development passed AB 1309 (Calderon). The bill, sponsored by the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA), would permit what is known as vacancy decontrol by allowing a one-time rent adjustment for a new mobile home park resident, while not impacting any current residents.

“AB 1309 represents a balanced, common sense approach that fully safeguards the rights of existing residents while ensuring the continued economic viability of mobile home communities as an essential housing option in California,” said WMA executive director and general counsel Sheila Dey.

AB 1309 maintains existing protections for residents who wish to remain in their rent-controlled communities. The legislation does not prohibit rent control ordinances in any local jurisdiction, modify any other aspect of local rent control ordinances (other than requiring statewide vacancy decontrol), raise the rent of or otherwise affect any current resident or undo existing protections against resident eviction.

“AB 1309 provides a sensible solution for mobile home park owners — most of which are family-owned, small businesses — who want to continue to operate their mobile home parks rather than convert the parks to another use or subdivide into individual lots,” continued Dey.

AB 1309 mimics existing state law and local ordinances pertaining to vacancy decontrol. The legislation reflects existing vacancy decontrol provisions contained in more than half of local mobile home rent control ordinances. Furthermore, AB 1309 is based on successful precedent in California state law regarding apartment rent control which allows for vacancy decontrol (Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995).

The Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA) is a nonprofit organization    created in 1945 for the exclusive purpose of promoting and protecting the interests of owners, operators and developers of manufactured home communities in California. WMA assists its members in the     operations of successful manufactured home communities in today’s complex business and regulatory environment. WMA represents more than 1,700 member parks located in all 58 counties in California. The vast majority of WMA’s member companies are family owned and operated business dedicated to providing quality housing to Californians.

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