We are a group of concerned residents who own a manufactured home or mobile home in California.  CoMO-LAC (The Coalition of Mobilehome Owners – Los Angeles County) was incorporated in October 2004 as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Our Purpose

As stated in its Articles of Incorporation, it’s purpose is to “promote the general welfare of mobilehome owners in California.”

In February 2005, CoMO-LAC converted to a state-wide organization with a new name:   COMO-CAL (The Coalition of Mobilehome Owners – California).

On January 2012, COMO-CAL stopped accepting members in lieu of publishing Mobilehome Magazine.  Last year the magazine published an average of 18,500 magazines per month, four times that of any advocate in California.

On Jaunary 1, 2015, COMO-CAL began accepting memberships again (since the magazine was up and running well).

We Believe

We believe in the sayings:  Strength in Numbers and Knowledge is Power.  We are affiliated with MH Life Magazine.  The magazine provides important information to California’s mobile/manufactured home community.

COMO-CAL’s goal is UNITY (Strength in Numbers).

We believe in ethics in advocacy (openness, transparency, equal representation, networking, working together, and being responsive to our membership).

We believe we don’t need more useless laws.  We need ENFORCEMENT of the laws already on the books.

We are not political, i.e. we believe there is room for all advocates.  After all, only about 5% of mobile/manufactured home owners belong to any advocacy group.

Join Our Team

If you are interested in helping your friends and neighbors, please volunteer.  There is much we can do, but we must do it together.

Contact Frank Wodley at 818-886-6479 / 800-929-6061 or email him at fawodley@yahoo.com  for further information.