First of all, the reason we write about GSMOL is simply because we care and want GSMOL to be successful. Having a lobbyist in Sacramento is critical to protecting MH owners rights. The facts will show that over the years we have supported a strong GSMOL; however today we continue to be very concerned about its future.
Several GSMOL leaders continue to muddy the waters saying that MH Life and Mobilehome Magazine want to destroy GSMOL. That is simply not true and we challenge any and all folks who spew such lies. GSMOL has gotten off course, even they admit it. The few “bad apples” have taken a once proud organization of 100,000 members and transformed it into a skelton of its former self.

Update on GSMOL’s Corporate Status

It has been over six months since the Franchise Tax Board of California inactivated GSMOL’s corporate status. As of November 10th, the status remains inactive. It is our understanding that GSMOL can not conduct business during this time. It’s like having your driver’s license revoked. You can not drive until it is reinstated. We have written to the State Attorney General’s office for clarification – no reply to date.


Is MH Life proposing a reorganization to eliminate GSMOL? Hardly! The new organization will support GSMOL’s efforts in Sacramento, i.e. it will even help support GSMOL financially. Why not? As we have said countless times, a lobbyist for MH owners is critical, as well as a united MH Community supporting the lobbyist.
Emails To Jean Crowder, GSMOL President
MH Life does not knowingly publish anything without supporting documentation and evidence and if we publish something that is incorrect, we happily print a retraction.
MH Life has sent two emails to GSMOL President Jean Crowder. One regarding the loss of corporate status, the other bad-mouthing by GSMOL of the magazine. Ms. Crowder has not replied to either email, other than to ask for documentation, which we provided. It has now been over two months!


We believe there is a solution to this downward spiral. GSMOL leadership should:
a) Be completely transparent. Publish a financial report in the Californian twice a year.
b) Start working with all advocates. Our surveys have shown MH owners want and need advocates working together, much like Christine Minnehan demanded in 2009.
c) Sign a Code of Ethics, such as we have detailed on pages H and I.
d) Allow all GSMOL members to vote for leaders. The present system can only lead power by a few. Candidates qualifications need to be published.
e) Conduct conferences, open to both GSMOL members and non-members, around the state to openly discuss GSMOL and it’s direction.
f) We hope GSMOL will support our Regional Organization idea. In return, we will help support a lobbyist in Sacrameneto.