Just another reason why you made the right decision to join CoMO-LAC!

In June (Page 7, last paragraph), we alerted all members, especially those living in the City of Los Angeles, about receiving rent increases larger than 3% in 2005.  We were aware of an increase of 3.3% in Chatsworth Imperial, and 4% in Indian Hills—both parks are in the City of LA and governed by rent control.

Richard Ramirez, CoMO-LAC representative for Chatsworth Imperial, wrote  his management company about the “excessive” rent increase and received a reply stating “please have comfort in knowing that all annual …adjustments are calculated in accordance with the parameters as set forth by the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO).  At no time would our calculations vary from that which is approved and in compliance with the RSO, LAMC; section 151.06D.”

We know better.  In the City of LA, rent increases are based on the current CPI, but rounded to the nearest whole number which means a CPI of 3.3% is rounded down to 3.0% – the correct rent increase for 2005.  Richard has volunteered to join the MHPTF and attended their meeting last Wednesday July 20th.  He asked the MHPTF about his 3.3% increase and the obvious answer was it was incorrect.  On Friday July 22nd,Richard received a second letter from his management stating that they had made a mistake!  Nothing was stated about mistakes in previous years (3.2% in 2003 was excessive also)  or correcting the mistake for other residents!

Richard will hold a meeting in Chatsworth Imperial and give the good news to all residents.  We believe rents, at least 2005, should be rolled back to the correct 3.0% increase.

Now .3% may not sound like much, but it amounts to $1.50/month ($18.00/year) for each resident in Chatsworth Imperial.  With 184 spaces, this rollback amounts to $276.00/month or $3312.00/year for the park.  So the residents have saved $3312.00/year for 2005 and all future years!  Terrific!

So what does this mean to you and CoMO-LAC?  It simply means that CoMO-LAC works!  This didn’t take an attorney or a lawsuit or excessive amounts of money.  All it took was someone willing to be involved to find out the truth.  COMMUNICATION!  UNITY!  When you are our eyes and ears and you communicate with CoMO-LAC, we can make a difference.

Please show this article to your friends and neighbors.  We can make a difference.  We ARE making a difference.  But we can’t help those who are not members.  And the annual dues should not be an excuse!  We have FREE MEMBERSHIPS available to those who can show they can not afford our annual dues.  There should be no excuse to join.  We are getting stronger. Let’s get more eyes and ears!  Let’s have more communication and unity!