Editor’s Note:  CMRAA was dissolved approximately 2013 and is no longer actively helping MH owners.  It is sad.


CMRAA is an active mobile home owner advocate group located in San Jose California. We just received our first newsletter (The Mobilehome Report) and it gives us a look at this very important organization.  CMRAA was founded 10 years ago by Dave Hennessy, ex-president of GSMOL and is similar to GSMOL.  They lobby in Sacramento and often both GSMOL and CMRAA oppose or support the same bill.  If you are interested in joining, just fill out a CoMO-LAC application, cross off CoMO-LAC and put CMRAA, and send it to CMRAA, P.O. Box 7468, San Jose, Ca. 95150-7468 with a check for $12.00.  We understand they have about 3,000-4,000 members.

The “Mobilehome Report” is published every other month.  The September issue is eight pages long and is 80% about legislation or litigation.  They have one page on SB125, the bill sponsored by the WMA (we are not copying them  —  information on SB125 was already provided in this edition of our newsletter on page 2 & 3–          obviously we both feel this legislation is important to our members).  Further, there is one page updating current legislation pending in Sacramento, a page on Cacho v. Boudreau, the “water service charge” case, a page detailing a challenge to rent control in San Jose by MHC, and another two pages by Dave Hennessy regarding his recent serious medical problems, and the need for volunteers, especially those who can assume leadership roles.

We write about CMRAA because we feel you need to know what’s happening in the state of California.  CMRAA is helping us all.  In fact there are links to CMRAA in the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Guide.  CMRAA does have a representative here in Southern California. Her name is Mary Ann Stein, she lives in     Temecula and is a CMRAA vice-president.  We’ve talked with Mary Ann and she is quite knowledgeable about mobilehome issues.  She has been with Dave Hennessy since he was GSMOL President.