Changing Title 25Lets see how this works— (example)The Legislator passes a bill (law) to change a section of the Health and Safety Code (That applies to Mobilehome Parks), the Governor signs the bill and after review by the appropriate Agency (in our case the Agency would be Housing and Community Development (HCD), the bill is not clear on what or how to implement the change or revision and may require the Agency (HCD) to adopt regulations to clarify the text. The Bill may also tell the Agency to draft regulations to explain the legislators intent.The Agency (HCD in our case) may come up with a regulation (CCR rule) to help with how the law is applied. This is called “RULEMAKING” If you are interested in how this procedure works, and have an interest in becoming involved you can go to;, click on the red tab (at top of window)”Publications”, click on the listing “How to Participate in the Rulemaking Process” and download the 25 page pdf document file.This is a complex procedure and all of the above is only a birds eye view. I have left out parts of the process, but at least now you may have a better understanding of how a bill gets from being passed to being applied to the CCRs.As you can see from the above this can be long drawn out procedure. This is not a simple procedure and is not taken lightly by all parties concerned.  OAL can not make changes to the law as passed and signed by the Governor, only how it is applied in the field (simplify the law in common terms) These applications will show up in Sections of the CCRs.  For Mobilehome purposes these would probably be in Title 25.Milt,

Government Code Title 2, Division 3, Part 1, Chapter 3.5. Articles 1 thru 10                            (Web site: )(click on; Administrative Procedures Act-Office of Administrative Law)CHAPTER 3.5.ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATIONS AND RULEMAKING (41 pages) Article 1.  General ………………………………                  11340-11342.4 Article 2.  Definitions……………………….                       11342.51011342.610 Article 3.  Filing and Publication ………………….                 11343-11343.8 Article 4.  The California Code of Regulations, the California Code of Regulations               Supplement, and the California Regulatory Register            11344-11345 Article 5.  Public Participation:  Procedure for Adoption of Regulations  11346-11348 Article 6.  Review of Proposed Regulations ………….                  11349-11349.6 Article 7.  Review of Existing Regulations ………….                  11349.7-11349.9 Article 8.  Judicial Review ………………………..                 11350-11350.3 Article 9.  Special Procedures …………………….                  11351-11361 Article 10.  California Taxpayers’ Right to Self-Governance and Participation 11364-11365***********************************************************************************The above Government Code is part of the process for changes to California Code of Regulations (CCRs) which includes that part of Title 25 which applies to Mobilehome Parks. This is a very small part of the Government Codes. For more information go to the WEB site listed above.This is the law on how the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) performs their duties in accordance with Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

OAL ensures that Agency regulations are clear, necessary, legally valid, and available to the public.   OAL is responsible for reviewing Administrative Regulations proposed by over 200 state Agencies for  compliance with the standards set forth in California’s Administrative Procedure Act (APA), also, for  transmitting these regulations to the Secretary of State and for publishing regulations in the California Code of Regulations.