Memberships:           $23,000

Donations:                   $7,000

Other(Book, Ads…):  $1,000

Total Income:            $31,000



THE VOICE                $8,000

Fliers/Free Literature  $4,500

Hardware/Software      $4,500

Fees                                $1,000

Other                              $5,000

Total Expenses:           $23,000

                Cash on Hand:              $8,000

                Total Expenses:          $31,000

Finances can be a critical issue with any new organization. Our annual membership fee is only $15 and many have joined for less.  The cost of THE VOICE is about $.03/page plus mailing costs of about $.17 per issue.  This calculates to about $9 /12 months to send you THE VOICE.  Based on an average membership, this leaves less than $4 for all other expenses.  So far THE VOICE has cost us about $8,000 to print and mail to our members.  We have mailed several thousand fliers (Prop 90 Alerts) and given away many copies of THE VOICE and other information.  This expense has totaled approximately $4500.

We have spent several thousand dollars on hardware, software, and such.  To give you an idea, our inventory to date is roughly: Printers (4), Membership software (2), Computer (1), Digital Recorders (2), Video Camera (1), File Cabinet (1), Portable Filing Cases (2), staplers (3), etc. Expenditures for these items has totaled approximately $4500.

Fees include: Chatsworth Chamber of Commerce, IRS for tax-exempt application, Corporation Fees—Secretary of State, etc. totaling about $1000.   Other expenses include office help ($300), attorneys fees ($2500), website ($1000), expendables (labels, envelopes, staples, etc) totaling approximately $5000.

To date, our expenditures total approximately $23,000.  Cash on hand is $8,000.  We are very frugal with your money.  We have researched the best deals for most of the hardware purchased.  Note, we give our time FREE.  And we DO NOT get reimbursed for any expense, even for gas.      We do this because we believe in our cause.   We do not pay office staff.  (GSMOL pays staff over $8,000 per month!)

We thank all our members who have made contributions.  Even $5 or $10 has allowed us to send out over 5000 fliers, and give several thousand copies of THE VOICE and other informational literature for free.

We do need your continued support.  To date less than 5% have made contributions, with two members contributing over half.  Please make a donation to help our cause.  You are really helping yourself when you do!  Every donation will be put to good use!