We have reached out to other groups numerous times to brainstorm how we can work together, yet we are ignored.  Alas, politics seems to be the rule among advocacy groups. Their goal: shield their members from information at any cost.  Why?  To maintain their little kingdoms and to keep their members for themselves.  But at what cost?  The cost of members being informed!

CoMO-CAL is the only advocacy group that writes about other groups. We ask mobilehome owners to take an active role in the organization they support, and not be blinded by the rhetoric or what the organization says it is doing.  Do your homework!

I happen to have a lot of information about GSMOL because I did my homework over several years.  I attended GSMOL board meetings, was a Convention Delegate in 2004 and 2006, a chapter president and Associate Manager.

I feel it imperative that GSMOL members take a hard look at their organization and question their leaders.  Why is ROP, Inc., led by GSMOL lobbyist and corporate counsel Maurice Priest, once again buying a park against the wishes of the residents and without their knowledge? (See article on page 10)  Why, after almost six years, has the    Enforcement Legal Fund not had one positive result?  Why won’t GSMOL leaders explain their support of ROP?  After all, there are techniques for residents to purchase their park that are much more beneficial—why wouldn’t GSMOL share that    information with their membership? Is this about “helping mobilehome owners” or about helping one person or a small group of people?  Please think about it!  And don’t just take my word on this, call others around the state like Rosemary  Tomai, Jerry Lenhard, Don Hunter, the Clearlake people,  Donald DeVore, and scores of others.

And remember, CoMO-CAL isn’t only about THE VOICE.  Now THE WHISPER will reach thousands of mobilehome owners.  They too will be informed about important issues and know they can join our growing family.  Also we receive many calls from members and non-members alike asking for advice, attorney referrals, or other information.  We turn NO ONE away.  (We can thank you, our membership, for that.)

CoMO-CAL is also about brainstorming, thinking outside the box.  We are about NEW IDEAS.    Recently we published a letter to the editor by Ray Newman suggesting that cities might use their power of eminent domain to “take” mobilehome parks for affordable housing.  The city has several options at that point—help residents purchase their park, or be a “moral” landlord.

“Helping mobilehome owners” is more than new legislation.  We have more laws on the books to protect us here in California, but in my estimation these laws DO NOT protect us!  Many park owners and managers BREAK THE LAW on a daily basis. Why?  Because they know they can get away with it.     The Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) does not protect us, simple as that.  And park owners like it that way.  We owners are forced to retain an attorney and endure a lawsuit in order to try to protect our rights.  Often the outcome does not  reflect justice, but who has the most power and money.

Finally, it is about respect.  Our goal is to give you factual, truthful information about ALL ISSUES that affect your lives today.  We are family, and we fight for each other.  Your dues allow us to help others who are out there alone, without anyone else to turn to.  We have a growing list of good attorneys that are available.  Please fill out the following survey—we want your input!  Thanks!