Editor’s Note:  COMO-CAL began in November 2004 as CoMO-LAC (Coalition of Mobilehome Owners – Los Angeles County).  A year later it went state-wide as COMO-CAL.

This is the beginning of a new column in our CoMO-LAC newsletter – part of a “Letters to the Editor Section”.  We want to know how you feel and will print your article without editing; however we reserve the right to ask for modifications for the sake of good taste, and accuracy.  These are opinions of our members, not necessarily those of CoMO-LAC.

 Park Owners, Managers, and Homeowners: A Short Comment

Mobilehome owners need the correct game plan when dealing with cantankerous owners and managers.  The basis of dealing with them has three components.  Each component is equally important.  They are: (1) rental agreement, (2) park rules and regulations, and (3) mobile home residency law.  Before doing battle with a manager, a homeowner should be well versed as to the terms of these three documents.  My rental agreement spells out the responsibilities of management as to maintaining the club house and common grounds.  Our Park rules and regulations govern the operation of the park.  A homeowner who is not knowledgeable of these two documents is at a distinct disadvantage.  And finally, when you are not well acquainted with the mobile home residency law, you are totally vulnerable to the whims and manipulations of park owners and managers.


Dwight Blackwell,

La Verne Casitas


 Stop Playing Games with Your Owner/Management Group

It’s time to stop playing games with your owner/management group.  They are all now in a mode of “ignore” the homeowner.  They have completely forgotten that they are employed by and work for US.  WE PAY THEIR RENT/SALARY!
If YOU acted this way toward YOUR employer, you would be looking for a new job.

The simple solution we at Indian Hills found was take them to small-claims court in Chatsworth.  Six homeowners had enough guts to pay the $22 fee and sued the park owner & management company for a variety of non-service related items and failure to perform.  The result was: three out-of-court money settlements, two of our three major projects underway and the firing of the management staff.

See? … these people are completely helpless when they can’t have an attorney to cover their rear-ends in court.  They turned belly-up when we told them that CoMO-LAC was going to nail them to the wall, and they caved-in. The time has come to defend your rights as a homeowner, gather a core group of strong individuals and drive over to the court-house and blast this group of elite park owners and their mis-management companies that constantly harass & threaten you as an individual! … It worked for us, it can work for you, too!

Jim Rowe
Indian Hills MHP