TOADIE (Clay Harrison’s word):  a park resident who is pro-management.  Usually this resident is buddy-buddy with the manager.  He/she can easily be manipulated into thinking that the manager is a terrific person and working hard to make the park a nice place to live.  Management may provide this resident perks—free landscaping, perhaps some remodeling by the park handyman, a front table at park functions, etc. Above all, this resident knows management will not give notices to them or try to evict them.    Management uses this resident to spy on “the trouble makers, and to support management.  Support may come as writing letters to management and the owner saying how terrific the park is, “bad mouthing” or even going to court to testify against the troublemakers.

What does CoMO-CAL think of TOADIES?  They are not our friends. They hurt us all.  And why?    Because they are selfish and think only of themselves, and not the consequences of their actions on their neighbors.  They hinder us from receiving the respect we deserve, and interfere with our rights.

WMA:  Western Manufactured Communities Association.  This is the park owners group.  They have about 37% of all park owners as members (approximately 1700).  They are a strong group. They have a vendors list of attorneys, accountants, management companies, supply companies, etc.  Among their management groups are Pacific, Star Management, and Sierra Corporate Management Co.

HCD:  Housing and Community Development.  They can not handle violations of the Civil Code (MRL).  They get involved only in health and safety issues.  They will inspect your home when you sell.

MRL:   Mobilehome Residency Law.  This is our “bible.”  It was written to protect us as residents in mobile home parks.  GSMOL claims responsibility for many of the laws in the MRL.  Unfortunately the laws were written by attorneys, for attorneys.  And often times they are ambiguous.   In order to use the law, we must retain an attorney, usually at great expense.