So now we have a Path, a Plan, and a Pledge. If we can get advocates on the same Page, it will be a red letter day. So that’s the $64,000 question, how do we make this happen?

Money Makes The World Go Around

Step back and think about it. What do all groups fight for? They fight for members. Members equal money and without money groups simply can’t operate.
Right now every group, large and small, fights for their share of the pie (members equal money, money equals power). We feel this leads to the very situation MH owners are trying to avoid: divisiveness, dissension, conflict, politics, bad-mouthing, etc. And when MH owners feel they also have no voice, they are reluctant to participate. All this leads to apathy. Today MH owners are more apathetic than ever.

Regress A Minute

Let’s regress a minute. Many of us, as we grow older, begin to be more concerned with health issues. One concern is cancer. Some cancer treatments involve cutting the blood supply to the tumor in order to kill it. The same approach can be used with advocates, though not literally. Of course, we don’t want to kill them, we just want them to follow the Unity Path, sign The Pledge and start working ethically and together with others. Now remember, they will all kick and scream because hey don’t want to lose their power. They want to maintain the status quo at any cost. But we all know the status quo isn’t serving you.

Carrot And Stick

We suggest a carrot and stick approach. The blood supply that keeps advocates operating is money. If we cut off their funds, they won’t be able to continue. If they refuse to follow the Path, i.e. sign the Pledge, then we will not fund them. If they follow the Path, i.e. sign the Pledge, we will fund them. Simple as that. Money is the key and you hold it.

You Hold The Key

Our entire strategy revolves around you. It requires you to only fund (join) the new state-wide group and immediately stop funding all other groups. This will pressure others to sign the Pledge. Without this pressure, nothing will change.
For example, when an advocate signs the Pledge and agrees to abide by it, then they will reap the benefits. Not only will they be funded by the state group, but their members will appreciate their new openness and honesty. And we are sure they will be praised for their accomplishments while working with others. It is the only way to go!
Remember, unless they want to hide something, we feel signing the Pledge is an opportunity for all advocates.

One State Organization

Ok, we’re suggesting the creation of a new state-wide group that everyone would join. Isn’t that essentially what we have today? Isn’t that putting all our eggs in one basket? No, far from it. The solution simply is to divide the money equally between advocates, making sure there is a division of power. Everyone has an “equal” share of money, enough money to operate and serve MH owners. And the state group will only keep a small portion of money to function, i.e. it will not be “all powerful.”
The new group will sign the Pledge and abide by the Pledge
And it’s task (Directive) is to:
Administer the Pledge to all other advocacy groups.
Fund those groups taking the Pledge.
Accept member dues and donations.
Keep accurate records of all income and expenses.
Keep accurate records of members information.
Be a check and balance to make sure groups abide by the Pledge.
Fund groups based on a pre-determined fair share of the pie.

Dividing The Pie

Actually dividing the pie can be a relatively straight forward process. The big expenses are pretty easy to estimate: the lobbyist, a legal fund, a way to communicate.
So how many “mouths” are there to feed? Let’s list the different kinds of groups:
the park group, HOA, Chapter, or resident association
the local group (Sonoma, San Marcos, Santee, etc)
the regional group (Greater San Diego, San Jose, etc)
the state-wide group
Of course, this arrangement is patterned after the Regional Organization plan suggested by MH Life Magazine in its Power to the People article in November.
The cost to operate the four group types is another matter, but it should be relatively low. What expenses do the four groups have? Printing flyers or newsletters? What else? See page E for more info.

Other Mouths To Feed

Besides the four group types, what do MH owners need that requires money? Let’s make a list:
a lobbyist in Sacramento
a legal fund (piece of the pie and use to be determined)
a way to communicate, i.e. MH Life