My name is Donald R. DeVore. I have dedicate my life to helping owners of manufactured housing. The goal of my 30 years of work has been to provide the owners of manufactured housing the same rights and protections under the law that all other homeowners and property owners have.

From 1980-1986 I was the State Director of the Rocky Mountain Mobile Home Owners League. In 1980-1982, we were able to get manufactured housing classified, regulated, assessed, and taxed as real property in Colorado. Colorado was the first state to accomplish this.  One reason we accomplished so much is that all homeowner associations in our state supported us and worked together.

We also worked with other statewide organizations like GSMOL of California. One problem we note today is the fact that organizations are not working together for the betterment of homeowners nationwide. Many organizations have alienated themselves from each other and lost the focus of their true mission. Over the last 10-15 years, GSMOL has dropped from a membership of about 100,00 members to about 16,000 members. I feel this is due to the poor leadership and mismanagement of the organization. It is obvious homeowners do not support GSMOL as this serious drop in their membership indicates.

I have worked as a consultant with many homeowners organizations, government officials, and government agencies the past 28 years. Today, I have affiliated myself with an organization I feel does represent Californians who own and live in manufactured housing.   This organization is the Coalition Of Mobilehome Owners-California (CoMO-CAL). It is my opinion that they are doing everything possible to help those who own and live in manufactured housing. the more homeowners who join their organization and support them, the more they can accomplish. Their organization is growing rapidly due to the support of homeowners.

I hope that Californians will support this organization and join their effort to obtain the same rights and protection under the laws for all Californians who own and live in manufactured housing.

God Bless,

Donald R. DeVore