We have a saying in the UK that “everything is bigger in the United States of America” and from what we now know about your Residential Mobile Homes  Industry this is certainly true. In California alone there are twice as many Residential Mobile Home Parks and three times as many spaces as currently available throughout the whole of the UK.  But      although there is a vast difference in the scale of the industry, we are devastated to learn that many of our fellow Mobile Home owners in California and other states are victims of exactly the same problems as those encountered daily by all too many of us mainly      elderly and vulnerable residential mobile homeowners here in the UK.                      .

We too face losing our homes to unscrupulous park owners, face huge increases in ground rent and utility service charges (gas electricity, water and sewage   disposal). We also suffer bullying, harassment,       intimidation, being ripped off at every opportunity etc., and the failure of Government to provide any   effective and enforceable law to protect us compounded by the total indifference by all in authority who maybe could help but won’t. All of which leaves us almost completely to the mercy of the dictatorial regime of the every increasing number of Unscrupulous Park Owners obsessed with greed and power, ruthlessly imposed with impunity over his elderly helpless and captive victims.  Abuse of the elderly is prevalent throughout the UK Mobile Homes Industry.

As we share the same problems, CoMO-CAL and PHRAA are working together to bring pressure on our respective Governments to introduce the urgently needed and long overdue ENFORCEABLE protection all Mobile Homeowners worldwide have the right to expect.  This is why we are so exited at being          contacted by Frank Wodley, President of CoMO-CAL and are already exchanging information, ideas, ideals and expertise to achieve these aims.               .

CoMO-CAL and PHRAA are identical organizations, both manned by dedicated volunteers offering help and advice to, and exclusively for the welfare of park homeowners.  PHRAA like CoMO-CAL “TELLS IT AS IT IS” nothing is censored.  All information,    including regular warning bulletins, is freely available to all through the websites and newsletters.  No plea for help from a desperate homeowner is ever turned away. We really must congratulate CoMO-CAL on their wonderful work for residents and the superb quality of their website and detailed and highly       informative newsletters.  PHRAA feels very         privileged that Frank has already included some PHRAA articles within its pages.                 .

PHRAA invites CoMO-CAL members and all mobile home owners throughout California and the US to visit the PHRAA website  www.phraa.co.uk. All are     welcome. You can also send us an email and say Hi to ronjoyce@phraa.co.uk.              .

The one great weapon mobile homeowners in California have to your advantage is that you have CoMO-CAL administered by a dedicated team headed by Frank, Bob and others all equally committed to the cause.  These are the people who have voluntarily pushed up their heads into the firing line to win the extremely difficult, and at times very dangerous,   battle for your rights, freedom from persecution to enjoy your chosen lifestyle in the peace and quiet you have earned and rightly deserve.  But they cannot achieve this aim on their own. They need your total            support.  Only by joining together to form one powerful united force can you win these rights. CoMO-CAL offers you this opportunity. Grab it with both hands. It may take some time, but “PEOPLE POWER” is an unstoppable force and will prevail.  Join CoMO-CAL and help these dedicated    people to help you.                .

PHRAA is proud and privleged to be associated with CoMO-CAL and looks forward to enjoying a long and fruitful relationship with its terrific team.

Ron Joyce.  General Secretary   PHRAA.