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Our first installment is Called

Finding the right contractor

Before you hire a general contractor, do your    research. This will ensure that you are hiring a  reliable, competent individual or firm who can complete the task for which you are hiring them.  We suggest you use this list as a guide:

  1. Avoid the “nice man” who comes randomly to your door.
  2. Choose a contractor carefully.
  3. Shop quality first and value second.
  4. Gather evidence that the individual or firm is reliable.
  5. Call a contractor referral service.
  6. Check references.
  7. Make a list of questions before calling references.
  8. Verify that the contractor has insurance.
  9. Verify licensing.

10…Check with the Better Business Bureau in your city.

  1. Get a detailed estimate.
  2. Make a decision based on overall value.
  3. Make sure your contract includes a payment schedule.
  4. There may be other questions and don’t be afraid to ask.