Forgive me, but after one year working hard to make CoMO-LAC a reality I think I’m entitled to one page that is not politically correct.  One gentleman (a leader of another group) comes to mind wants his audience to think his organization is healthy, growing, and under control.  He wants everyone to think all is well and he is doing a terrific job.  Well, it might be “politically correct”, but certainly not an accurate statement.

A friend of mine, a learned person with years of experience in this struggle,  said to me over a year ago “Don’t start another group, it will take at least three years to establish itself.”  Well today I think he was correct—he is a member of CoMO-LAC and perhaps he remembers these words to me.  Another friend and mentor tells would be members: “You don’t have to attend meetings, you don’t have to form Chapters.”  And many tell me they are “too busy” with their own lives to get involved.  Yes, this “business” is quite dry, all the laws and such.  I’m sure we all would rather read something uplifting and happy—maybe I should really just write about Kathy’s vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, CoMO-LAC IS growing—perhaps over 600 members this month.  And we DO have money in the bank, and we ARE making a difference.  There are a few members who have come forward with donations—this month about $200.00 (THANKS!).  There are a few members who have given their time. And there are a few members who write or email with words of praise.  And I am so very grateful!  You can’t know how my day brightens when I go to the post office and find 2 or 3 or 4 new memberships.  I always look to see where they’re from to see if our flyers are doing any good.

Then I think about Sharon—I grew up with her and she was like a sister.  I’ve “adopted” her parents as my own as mine have passed on.  She was just diagnosed with bone cancer and it has spread.  And I think about Kathy John, the lady in Sacramento who will be homeless as well as the lady who Gail Mertz tried to help  – both evicted.  Maryland who was told she had to move her double-wide and can’t sell.  And Sam Zell, raising rents $4000.00 /month.  And Knoll’s Lodge.  And 75 year old Lucille Fried in Tradewinds.  And my friend Herb Jensen with his wife who needs constant care in Oakridge. And the list goes on and on.

Being mobilehome owners, we have bought into this  “family.”  Some of us are strong.  However many in our family are not—they don’t know the laws or even the fact that they are threatened. Many are on fixed incomes and have nothing else other than their mobilehome.  We are all involved whether or not we like it.  And the longer we sit on the sidelines, the worse it will become. Thank park owner organizations for that!   We shouldn’t think someone else is working hard to protect us and help us.  Because they’re not.

I ask those CoMO-LAC members in the San Fernando Valley.  Please call me or write me.  Volunteer an hour or so of your time.  Be involved.  Be part of a membership committee, or ways and means, or if you know about the laws—a legal committee.  I truly need help with printing the newsletter and flyers.  If you are good at letter writing, we need to write letters to government officials, and others.  They need to know we are a viable group.  And our many members in the Antelope Valley, please offer to help Lucy, Ralph, Ben, Floyd Billie and the others.  CoMO-LAC can really make a difference and be a powerful organization, but only when you realize “CoMO-LAC is your organization, an organization by the members, for the members.”  We can also use more donations.  We can begin building a legal fund.  And we still need donations for mailing of flyers. I’m open to your suggestions!

Life is too short.  Our family is being threatened.  We can make a difference.  CoMO-LAC will only be mediocre unless more get involved.  We can make a big difference, but only with your participation.  And I do truly         appreciate you becoming members, thank you, thank you.  I hope to hear from you soon.    Thanks for listening.