We get a lot of calls regarding various issues residents encounter in their parks. Remember, enforcement of the law is up to you. We will assist you but we simply do not have the time or resources to resolve issues for you. Before you call, write or email us, please work through the following plan:

Want a Quick Interpretation of the Law? Consult the FAQ Handbook

Your first line of defense against many issues is the Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Handbook sold through Mobilehome Magazine. To order, simply fill out the application on page 19 (all info kept confidential) and send it in with a check for $6 made out to Mobilehome Magazine.
Keep in mind that the 36 page Handbook, although published by Mobilehome Magazine the Coalition of Mobilehome Owners – California (COMO-CAL), was compiled by the Senate Select Committee in Sacramento. You can trust their interpretation of the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL). The Handbook gives easy to understand answers (about 60 total) to many of the most often heard questions. Here are just a few:
What can residents do about managers who intimidate and harass?
Is there financial assistance available to me to correct code violations in my home?
Is management allowed to restrict parking and even have residents cars towed?
Can the park prevent me from subleasing my home?
Is it legal for our all-age park to change back to a senior only park?
Do mobilehome park rules prevail over state law?
You can easily see the value of the Handbook. It is well worth the $6 price and it supports Mobilehome Magazine at the same time.

Read Mobilehome Magazine

We have been publishing Mobilehome Magazine for over two years. If you have a computer you can go to www.mobilehomemagazine.org to access all the magazines we have published. There is a wealth of information to be found.
Now you can even access LOCAL magazines from other areas in California to find out what’s happening there.
We will soon have a list of articles you can purchase from us that might help answer some of your questions.

Form an HOA

Two heads are better than one, but a Home Owners Association (HOA) is really the way to go. They require three residents to get started and Mobilehome Magazine can help.
Help Us Start a Community Magazine
Q. What’s better than a HOA?
A. Several parks networked together to form a mobilehome community. How can this be accomplished? Simply by helping us form a distribution network in your area. We already have local magazines in Orange County, Sonoma/Santa Rosa, Oceanside/San Marcos/Escondido and San Diego. You can have your own magazine in your area. Simply call us for details.

Archived Articles

We are excited to announce we now offer articles that have been published over the years by COMO-CAL and Mobilehome Magazine. You can call or email us for the list which represents all important articles printed in Mobilehome Magazine over the last two years. All are relevant to today’s problems.
You can receive one or all of these articles at nominal cost by writing us, emailing us or calling us. Do you have an issue not covered by the list? Let us know and we may write about it. (800-929-6061 or fawodley@yahoo.com.)

You Need To Help Yourself!

No one can do it FOR YOU. You have make an effort to help yourself. As an example, last month we distributed a survey: Rate Your Park – Let Your Voice Be Heard. Although the October magazine has been out only two weeks, we have received only 13 responses out of 20,000 magazines. Why haven’t YOU RESPONDED??? Here is your chance to make a difference. Our goal was to reward those parks doing a good job and to expose those who were not. It won’t happen without your input. There is NO RISK to you (your info is confidential) and it only takes a $.46 stamp. Wake Up!