We get it! You are busy with your life, working, and having quality time with your family. You don’t have time to read all the fine print and you don’t have time to read every MHMag. But let us say, it is important that you know the basics.
As a practical matter, you don’t have to read and understand the entire Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) or our FAQ Handbook for that matter. Who does? But you must be armed with basic information if you are going to defend yourself and keep as much of your hard earned money as possible.
For example, a neighbor hired a handyman to install a wheel chair ramp. He charged her $900 and she paid it. Had she known a handyman can not charge more than $500 for a job, she could have saved herself $400! It is also important to know the cost of the job up front!
Another example, a park is charging a $200 late fee when residents pay rent on or after the 6th of the month. Not only is this fee excessive, but the law states that residents CAN pay rent on the 6th and not incur a late charge. Don’t rely on what your park tells you, check it out with us!
One last example, a park is making up new Rules and Regulations on the fly, without having a park meeting. Any resident with a basic understanding would know these R&R are not legal and would confront the park.

A Little Information

As you can see, a little information goes a long way. If nothing else, remember that we are on your side and have been providing you important information, free of charge, for several years. Anyone willing to distribute can receive enough magazines for their entire park. Every one in every park across California should step up and volunteer to receive magazines! And if you have questions, you can contact CAMOA at 888-982-2553.
Donations Are Important!
Now for a reality check. Requests for Handbooks, an extremely important reference, and donations are both down 50% from last year, although we’re printing more magazines. Don’t let us go the way of so many others, please support MHMag! If everyone donated just a couple dollars a year, we could continue and even expand what we provide today!

Tips & Suggestions

Put everything in writing to management. Have a witness if you personally deliver a letter to management or use the proof of service method when mailing a letter (details upon request).
Do not sign long term rental agreements or leases. Anything over 12 months voids rent control. Do not sign new Rules and Regulations.
Know the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL). It has taken years to legislate these laws and they were written to protect you. Purchase a FAQ Handbook from MHMag. It lists over 50 frequently asked questions, with corresponding answers that were compiled by the Senate Select Committee on Manufactured Home Communities. The answers are easy to understand. The Handbook is in large type, so it is easy to read also. ($6.00 through MHMag).
When you receive a 7 day notice, be sure that management is enforcing the rules and regulations fairly, i.e. if others are violating the same R&R, they too must be given a 7 day notice.
Maintain your property. This helps keep the value of your mobilehome, and motivates your neighbors to also maintain their properties.
Know that you rent is late 5 days from the date it is due, i.e. if your rent is due on the 1st of the month, you have until the 6th to pay without a late fee. It is late if paid after the 6th. If you have not paid during this grace period, the park can give you a 3 day notice to pay or quit. If you do not pay in this 3 day period, the park can take action to evict you. You have no defense!
Late fees need to be reasonable. Perhaps in the $50 range, but not $200 as one park charges.
When the park introduces new Rules and Regulations, the park must hold a meeting with all park residents invited. Six months after the meeting, the new R&R become effective. If there are rules or regulations you are not happy with, you must make the park aware. When a park gives you new Rules and Regulations without following the above procedure, these new Rules and Regulations are null and void. Do not sign new Rules and Regulations!
Pass-throughs in rent stabilization (control) ordinances. Pass-through provisions allow park owners to charge residents a portion of capital improvements. For example in Los Angeles, 50% of expenses for capital improvements may be charged to residents, but not more than $55/month. In the case of one park in the San Fernando, residents will be paying $55/month for the next 20 years to pay for new park utilities!
If the park tells you to do something, ask them to show you where it is written – in the MRL, Title 25, or R&R.
Tell your friends and neighbors about COMO-CAL. COMO-CAL’s success will be accelerated with your active participation.
Believe there is hope to combat some of the injustices we see daily in our parks. Support COMO-CAL.
If you hire a handyman, he can not charge more than $500 for the job. If he charges more, he is violating the law. You must hire a contractor if your job is more than $500.