I’ve been told readers get tired of advocacy all the time and want a little humor (Thanks Lou). Perhaps I’ve reverted back to my second childhood, but I was looking around for something that dealt with possessiveness and a message that if we just work together, we can accomplish much more and be happier. So here goes, I hope you enjoy:
The children’s picture book It’s Mine! by Leo Lionni, is about three frogs named Milton, Rupert, and Lydia. It carries a significant message for all of us:
In the middle of Rainbow Pond, there was a small island. Smooth pebbles lined its beaches and it was covered with ferns and with leafy weeds. On the island lived 3 quarrelsome frogs named Milton, Rupert and Lydia. They quarreled and quibbled all day long.
Milton thought all the water belonged to him. He always said “The water is mine!” He wouldn’t let anyone else use the pond.
Rupert thought the island belonged to him. He always said “The land is mine!” He wouldn’t let anyone play on the island.
Lydia thought the air belonged to her. She always said “The air is mine!” She didn’t want to share with anyone else.
And so it went.
One day a large toad appeared before them. “I live on the other side of the island,” he said, “but I can hear you shouting It’s Mine! It’s Mine! It’s mine all day long. There is no peace because of your endless bickering. You can’t go on like this.” With that the toad slowly turned around and hopped away through the weeds.
No sooner had he left than Milton ran off with a large worm, the others hopped after him. “Worms are for everyone” they cried, but Milton croaked defiantly, “not this one. Its mine!”
Suddenly the sky darkened and a rumble of distant thunder circled the island. Rain filled the air and the water turned to mud. The island grew smaller and smaller as it was engulfed by the rising flood. The frogs were scared.
Desperately they clung to the few slippery stones that rose above the wild dark water. But soon these too began to disappear. There was only one rock left. And the frogs huddled trembling from the cold and fright, but they felt better now that they were together, sharing the same fears and hopes. Little by little the flood subsided. The rain fell gently then stopped altogether.
But look. The large rock that had saved them was no rock at all. “You saved us” shouted the frogs when they recognized the toad.
The next morning the water had cleared, sun rays chased silver minnows on the sandy bottom of the pond, joyfully the frogs jumped in and side by side they swam all around the island.
Together they leaped after the swarms of butterflies that filled the air and later when they rested in the weeds they felt happy in a way they had never been before.
“Isn’t it peaceful” said Milton
“And isn’t it beautiful” said Ruphert
“And you know what else” said Lydia, “No what?” the others asked. “It’s ours!”
Watch the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g 4kdiOcvdvE

It Applies to All Of Us

The stories message applies to all of us. Whether we like it or not, everyone living in a rental park in California shares a common bond. We all face the same challenges and there is no one out there helping us. Our only hope is to unite, circle our wagons, and come up with solutions to our many problems.
We can accomplish much more if we work together, for a common goal. And we can be happier, more peaceful about it. Every MH owner is part of a community – a park community, a local community, a regional community and a state community. Under the Unity Plan, everyone will have a voice and for the first time in a long time, we believe there is hope. You are NOT ALONE!
No more “It’s Mine.” Now “It’s Our’s.” One success is every- ones success. We’re all in this together, let’s make the most of it. Happy New Year. God Bless Us All.