I wish there was a way to provide information sharing amongst the mobile home parks in North San Diego County.
GSMOL and the Mobilehome Magazine are all there is at this point. I know what is going on with the parks in San Marcos since I serve as my park’s representative on SMMRA (San Marcos Mobilehome Resident Association).
Unfortunately, not every one of the 18 parks provides a representative or participates in the efforts of SMMRA. SMMRA is in the process of creating a website which should be operative by March.
I know that Oceanside has a similar organization. OMHA (Oceanside Manufactured Homeowners Alliance) for its 16 parks. They also have a website (omha4oside.com).
Escondido, with its 27 parks has EMPAC (Escondido Mobile/Manufactured Positive Action Committee). I don’t believe they have a website.
I doubt that an organization exists for the 16 Vista parks, or for Carlsbad with its 6 parks and Encinitas with its 4 parks.
If Vista has one for its 16 parks, I am unaware of its existence. There are also 7 parks in Fallbrook and 2 in Valley Center. That is about 96 parks without any linkage or sharing of information.
Some very important things can be happening and most of us don’t know about them. I heard a rumor about a park in Escondido applying to the City for an increase of $771/951 per space, which I checked out, and found it was reduced and passed by the City Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) to $124.37. While even that amount sounds exorbitant, it needs to be noted that there had been no increases for many years. Even more interesting is that all but 9 spaces in the park have homes owned by the Park Owner. That being the case, why bother to go through the work and effort of applying for an increase? The Owner has no restriction on spaces and homes he owns and can charge whatever he wants. I believe that there are at least four parks in Escondido where all or nearly all of the homes are owned by the Park Owner. Thus these parks have effectively been converted to an Apartment type operation. How did the Park Owners acquire these homes, which in most parks would sell for anywhere from $40,000.00 to $200,000.00, depending upon the age and how they have been maintained or upgraded?
It is highly doubtful that the Park Owners paid anything close to these purchase prices. A good guess is that many were purchased for as little as $10,000.00 and likely far below the sales prices in other parks. Of course, some are acquired through evictions and/or abandonment of the homes. This sort of “taking” is usually done with smaller parks. Parks with several hundred homes are most probably not likely to have such a conversion.
Ideally, each park would have a homeowners association, and each city would have an association or alliance, and each of them would have a website linked to each other. Coupling these with GSMOL and the Mobilehome Magazine would make for effective communication and sharing.
With the apathy that exists with many homeowners, such organization may well be a pipe dream, but, hey, I can dream can’t I?
Article by Lloyd Rochambeau, President of the HOA at Lakeview Mobile Estates, San Marcos.
Editor’s Note: MHMag reaches 5,000 residents in 20 parks in the North San Diego County. This is a terrific start, but as you can see from Lloyd’s article, there are 96 parks total in this general area.
To that end, we suggest our readers request additional copies of the magazine and take them to parks in your area not already getting MHMag. Let’s get those parks on board. This will benefit everyone and make your community stronger.