By Anita Sombs

 In May of 2006, a mobile home task force was established for the unicorporated portions of Lake County (Clear Lake) in northern California.  It is composed of three park owners, three park residents, two supervisors and one other member from the community at large.

The task force has investigated a memorandum of understanding from the City of Napa, and a long-term lease supposedly based on one used in Citrus Heights.  The mobile home residents part of the task force has held a series of six meetings around Lake County and many of the seventy-six parks were represented at the meetings.  The concept of the long-term lease was overwhelming rejected.

The mobile home task force is also working on a conversion ordinance.  At the next task force meeting the long-term lease presented by Doug Johnson, WMA, will be discussed and declined by the mobile home residents part of the task force.

At long last, unless Doug Johnson has something else up his sleeve, we will be able to get to the subject of a rent control ordinance.  The reason it is so imperative for Lake County to pass a rent control ordinance is that so many of our parks are situated on the shores of Clear Lake.

The investors of  California real estate seem to be aware of the comparatively low land prices in Lake County and the beautiful views and clear air we enjoy.

In the past year twelve mobile home parks have been purchased by investors.  With a large population of senior citizens living in these parks we are all sitting ducks for the vultures to swoop in and attack us.
Anita Sombs is a member of the mobile home task force in Lake County.




We understand the residents of Westwind MHP in Clearlake have prevailed and ROP, Inc. will not be purchasing their park after all.  Remember our March 2007 front page article:  (Clear Lake) Mobile Park’s Rents Going Up By 40 Percent?  In fact escrow was to close mid February, but it was extended to mid March.

We have been in contact with a Regional Manager of GSMOL who explained that the GSMOL Board of Directors asked Maurice Priest, president of ROP, Inc. “to abort the project.”  Maurice Priest is also GSMOL corporate council and their lobbyist in Sacramento. Apparently the park owners group WMA (Western Manufactured Communities Association) was “bad-mouthing GSMOL in Sacramento.

The residents of Westwind are now in talks to purchase their park through another group.  Many groups exist who help residents with the purchase and financing.  Please refer to the article by David Loop on Pages 6 & 7.


Forest Springs in Grass Valley

Votes to Keep ROP, Inc. Out

After four months of uncertainty, the residents of Forest Springs MHP voted not to have ROP, Inc. represent them in a bid to purchase their park.  The vote was 80% against, 20% in favor.


Four months ago ROP, Inc. wrote a three page letter to the GSMOL Board in Forest Springs   requesting they spearhead an effort by ROP, Inc. to purchase the park.  After holding the letter for three months, the board called a meeting of residents to vote, without giving residents anytime to reflect on the matter.  Outraged, the residents   organized inorder to defeat any attempt by ROP to purchase their park.  They were successful!