January 1, 2008


I was previously a member and president of GSMOL in my park, Colonial Estates.  One year ago, my neighbor and I filed several small claims actions against our park managers and owners.  We could get NO assistance from GSMOL.  Short story, the owners came into small claims with an attorney!  We lost. Everyone agreed that according to the MRL (Mobilehome Residency Law), we should have won.  But judges don’t necessarily go by what is in the MRL.  As a result of our lack of support from GSMOL, I don’t believe that anyone in this park has renewed their membership.

A few months ago, Bob Hites began to mail me THE VOICE.  I have had more information from Mr. Hites in the past four months than I had in  almost two years from GSMOL.  Mr. Hites continued to mail me THE VOICE even when I had not joined your organization.  I have been extremely impressed with your publication.  Although GSMOL also had a publication, it was not the  caliber of yours.  Also, there was not nearly the involvement of the members that I see in your   organization.  This is evident in the articles      published in THE VOICE.

I have now been seduced by your communication and effort to unite mobilehome owners in California and am therefore, enclosing my membership application and fee.  Please keep up the good work and do not be afraid to send your publication to those who are not full members.  Who knows?  They might even read THE VOICE and decide to join also!  Like ME!

Yours truly, Linda Lohman                                       10005 Red Coat Lane Sacramento, CA 95827 -1933

Everything that Linda says is true!  GSMOL came to our park full of  bluster to encourage us to join their organization!  They pointed out  various things that Colonial Estates were doing that were unlawful and  encouraged us to fight back with their full support.  When we did so,  however, we were left hanging.  I sued regarding their overcharging us for  water.  When they separated out the charge from the rent, in which it  was originally included, GSMOL said that was unlawful.  I won the first  round, but they appealed.  When confronted with going to superior court  for the second round, I was told to contact Maurice Priest who would  assign an attorney to my case.  Since this never happened, despite  several phone calls and appeals for assistance, I lost my case..  The second  go around was regarding the issue of management being required to meet  and confer with us when requested in writing which they refused to do.Again, I lost my case.  Colonial Estates  always showed up with an attorney, and the judges were influenced by  this as we were treated as though we were morons.  Linda and I are not  stupid people.  Our paperwork and arguments were right on.  I also  produced written petitions signed by several homeowners.  However, without  GSMOL support, we were out in the cold. Linda and I lost so much time and money on these issues, that I and  most of those involved, remain discouraged.  Continued on next page bottomGSMOL did indeed recognize our chapter.  Linda was listed as President  and I was Vice President.  Lew Parkinson was just a friend who wanted  to see how our court cases went as he was considering a similar move in  his park.If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I believe you will  find that Linda Lohman is credible, capable and knowledgeable.  This  Mary person is not well informed.

Deborah Rogers