January 6, 2006

To the GSMOL Board of Directors and Others:

The Board of Directors of CoMO-LAC has decided go statewide.  In February we will ask our membership for a favorable vote to change CoMO-LAC to CoMO-CAL.  Already we have members from all over the state of California, so this decision makes sense to us.  This announcement will be published in our February newsletter, “THE VOICE.”

We want to give all mobilehome owners across the state access to our services and a voice for others to hear.   Our policy has been to publish articles sent to us by our members and we will continue this policy.  We feel we can make a positive contribution to mobilehome owners in the areas of education, and enforcement of current laws.  And we will continue to make mobilehome owners aware of happenings here in L.A. County and around the state.  We are an organization for our membership, by our membership.  Our members are our eyes and ears and they have done a great job this last year reporting problems to us.

We are aware that there may be a perception this change means we will be in competition with GSMOL and CMRAA, both statewide organizations; however our emphasis is entirely different.  We do not spend any resources lobbying in Sacramento, while both GSMOL and CMRAA do. In fact we notified the GSMOL Board, in March 2005, that CoMO-LAC was NOT in competition with GSMOL.  CoMO-LAC (as CoMO-CAL) intends to continue to promote other organizations we feel are making a positive contribution to the welfare of mobilehome owners across the state.

It is our hope that ALL organizations, whether statewide or local, will begin working together.  Mobilehome owners across the state desperately need all of us helping with the enforcement of the MRL and Title 25.  The welfare of mobilehome owners is at stake and at no time in the history of mobilehome living here in the State of California have we been more needed.

We all know about intimidation, harassment, interference of sales, unreasonable pass throughs, etc.  We must work together for the general good of mobilehome owners.  This means enforcement of the laws in the MRL and Title 25.

CoMO-LAC is ready and willing to work with GSMOL, CMRAA, SCMOA, and any other organization to that end. And CoMO-LAC will actively promote membership in ANY organization that is effective in helping mobilehome owners.   Mobilehome owners deserve that!

2006 can be the year that WE ALL really started making a difference.  We hope you will support us in making this change.

Thank You,

Frank Wodley


CoMO-LAC Board of Directors