Dear Editor,
On behalf of the new Board of Directors for the Lakeshore Gardens Residents Association, I would like to say “thank you” for including us in the distribution of your monthly Mobilehome Magazine over the past three months. In fact, our volunteers deliver them to each of our 383 residents as soon as we receive them and feedback indicates the magazine is well received and viewed as a good source of information on mobile home living. As we enter the New Year, we are interested in the many networking and educational opportunities your publication provides. Our park is under a four-year space rent contract ending in December 2014, with a growing disparity of escalating space rents as compared to regional fair market rents and the consumer price index (CPI). We know from reading your magazine that other mobile home parks are facing the same concerns relative to how we can successfully sustain a desirable quality of life in our retirement years without the fear of losing our homes due to future, unbearable space rent increases.
We believe the membership in our LSG Residents Association will grow in 2014, largely in part to the availability of the Mobilehome Magazine on a monthly basis. We welcome feedback from other parks who can share their success and pitfalls relative to space rent negotiations. Our Board will continue to make donations to your publication as our membership grows.
Thank you, again, for keeping us informed!
Sincerely, Kim Welshons, Board President, Lakeshore Gardens, Carlsbad
Dear Editor:
Every effort is made each and every month to put a new addition of “Mobilehome Magazine” into the hands of mobile home owners; especially those living in parks. I for one presently deliver to every one of the 396 homes in my park. In addition I distribute over 500 issues to parks within my community as well as some parks in adjoining communities.
Why do I take my time and efforts to do this? Very simply, because I care about people. Specifically because I have deep feelings for all that own homes and pay rent in any mobile home park. For too long the laws governing mobile home owners residing in parks have tilted heavily on the side of the park owners. To our thousands of readers; we need your help! I, among other distributors, are willing to continue to service your parks. Presently we only have the ability to place a few issues in your club houses each month. With your help we could put one into every home in your park. To accomplish this I’m asking you to donate about one hour each month. (This is average time required to put a magazine at every residence in your park.) Think about the tremendous amount of good you would be doing for your entire park. Would you be breaking the laws or your park rules in any way? Definitely not. One of the few laws we as mobile home owners in the state of California that favors us is contained in the MRL ( MOBILE HOME RESIDENCY LAWS ) which gives us the right to congregate and distribute literature so long as it pertains to mobile home living. IT IS NOT SOLICITING !!!
If you are considering delivering the “Mobilehome Magazine” within your park please contact or call 800-929-6061. You will be glad you did. REMEMBER…….the magazines are free, i.e. no cost to you or the entire park. Chuck Zenisek, Foothill Terrace, La Verne, California.
Dear Mr. Wodley: Just a note to let you know I’m being “termed out” as president of Terry’s MHP HOA. To be sure, I will continue to serve as your volunteer to distribute and support Mobilehome Magazine. It is, in my opinion, the best “news” ever to come to home owners” doors in the ten years my wife and I have lived here! It is truly opportunity knocking like never before, with a promise of unity, support, friendships and fun! I’m firmly convinced that Its success will make a major difference in our lives.
Now that our local COMPAC group has been dissolved, we’ve lost a lot of contact with our lobbyists in Sacramento, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the Magazine. Your articles help to keep us informed, motivated and updated. It provides a way for us in Chula Vista to communicate with all 3500 homes here, as well as throughout San Diego County.
In short, we are poised to no longer be “one wee voice crying in the wilderness”. Thanks for all Mobilehome Magazine does and its potential!
Bill Schlegel, HOA President, Terry’s MHP
PS: Our present Board has offered to continue serving in some capacity, where needed. We’ve named it the “A-Team” (Advisory). How lucky can we be to have such willing hands in “Our Town”! Also, if you live in a park that doesn’t have an HOA, better organize one now: You won’t be sorry!