To the Editor of Mobilehome Magazine:
As people continue to move to our area, land use values continue to put pressure on our mobile home parks and affordable housing! When developers decide that more money can be made from apartment complexes or condos on our park sites, and cities relish the potential for collecting more taxes, then what? Then where do we seniors go?
All mobile home owners in parks in the Southbay, San Diego County need to support Mobilehome Magazine! It obviously strives to, and does readily provide important information on a variety of topics and it enables us, and our local leaders to network and communicate with the many other mobile home owners. This is extremely important to everyone of us!
We need to be informed, attend City Council meetings when issues concerning mobile home parks are on their agenda and we need to write or call our state representatives when legislation comes up that affects us all.
I hear it most every day:: “What can one person do?” Well, what we can do for openers is to donate a little to Mobilehome Magazine. If every park home owner only contributed just a measly $2.00 per year, we would have a real voice with a powerful unity in all our parks in California.
Joseph Markel, Terry’s MHP, Chula Vista
Editor’s Note: Yes $2/year per home owner would guarantee the success of Mobilehome Magazine. Unfortunately less than 3% of our readers have donated; therefore your donation of $5, $10 or even $25 is greatly appreciated.
This just in: One of the magazine’s supporters recently sent us his thanks for the commission checks he has been receiving for over the past six months. He had contacted several businesses in his area and soon had three who saw the value in placing ads in the Magazine. While the commission (15%) was not a great amount of money, he said it was very helpful with his limited income. He also said if he was not so busy, he would contact some other potential advertisers. He was surprised to hear that only a very few people have taken advantage of this opportunity to pick up some extra dollars.
Dear Mr. Wodley: We want to thank you for giving us Mobilehome Magazine! It is in our opinion, one of the best things to come along since my wife and I bought a mobile home ten years ago! We look forward to reading it each month! The information it brings can’t help but improve our quality of life here. Now! February comes in Spanish as well as English! This will go a long way here in San Diego County to promote a sense of community and unity!
Question: Our HOA delivers its Newsletter with your Magazine, each month, and whether it’s 2, 4 or more pages it costs money! Is there any way you and your printer could work something out to print our Newsletters for us… maybe enjoy “an economy of scale” and time saved in the handling?
Enclosed is a small donation for a very large and extremely important undertaking!
Miriam and Bill Schlegel, Terry’s Park, Chula Vista, Ca.
Editor’s Note: Thank you Bill for your comments and question. We are always looking for ways to support our readers. We will research the possibility of providing a means for you and others to provide content to the residents of your park. This could save you both time and money.