A Story About Pacific Mobile Home Park, Huntington Beach:
Steps from beautiful Huntington Beach, but are we home owners LUCKY or STUPID?
Pacific Mobile Home Park is a family mobile home community with a vast majority of residents being senior citizens and retirees. The other majority of residents here work within the community as engineers, nurses, EMT’s, teachers, city employees, pet sitters, cashiers, small business owners and volunteers. Tax-paying,law-abiding citizens within Huntington Beach, Orange County and the surrounding counties.
We are so close to the beach that when the ocean swells are decent and the breeze is just right, we can walk outside our front doors and feel the ocean spray. Sunny,breezy 68 degree weather all year round. That is the reason most of us decided to purchase our homes here. And, once upon a time, the space rent was fair and affordable. Lucky us!
NOT ANYMORE. We all received a letter on September 27, 2013 that Star Management Company, 1400 East 4th Street, Santa Ana, A 92701, ph: 714-480-6828, was increasing our lot rents ENORMOUSLY! The new management stated that due to the sale of the park, Prop 13 and a tax reassessment of $270,000 that each space rent must be increased by $97.00 to $397.00 per month beginning January 1, 2014 (individual increase amounts determined by a guy in a golf cart’s eyeball assessment of each property)! Stupid! Mind you,in June 2013 the rent was just increased by $100.00 per month. A total of $497.00 per month of rent increases within a year’s time for many!!
How are our senior citizens and retirees on fixed incomes supposed to survive? To eat? And for those of us who are still in the workforce and have mortgages in addition to space rent? Should we get additional jobs to pay for space rent increases? Pay $30,000 to uproot our homes and move them? To where? So we are stuck. Victims of the heartless, greedy landowner upon which our homes, unfortunately reside. And knowing that for every $100.00 increase in space rental, our home’s equity will DECREASE BY $10,000.00! That’s for every $100.00! Our homes will be completely worthless within a year if the land owner increases the space rent every 90 days as the Mobile Home Residency Laws allow. And with no rent control, even if we cut our enormous losses and try to sell at a fair market price, the property managers can quote any outrageous amount for space rent to a perspective buyer. Hearing that the space rent is $2,000.00 per month or more and can go up every 90 days, the buyer, as you can imagine, does not buy.
So we, your fellow citizens, your senior family members and retirees on fixed incomes, your educators, your healers, your pet sitters, your builders, your church members, your neighbors and your friends one-by-one are being forced to abandon or sell our badly devalued or already worthless homes because of the astronomical space rental increases that our greedy new “land owners” indiscriminately see fit to charge!
Other countries protect, support and care for their elderly while we Americans, living in a beautiful, upscale city like Huntington Beach, sit idly by and allow greedy, unjust corporations to force our loved ones and friends out of the homes some have lived in for decades and into the streets. The impact, though not yet realized, will be devastating to the entire community.
Mobile home owners who live in Huntington Beach and lease their land are not stupid, but we are unlucky because the inadequate and contradictory Mobile Home Residency laws that we have don’t help us, they only protect the greedy land owners. Lucky them.
Regards, Diane Atkins, 80 Huntington Street, Space 505, Huntington Beach, CA 92648. 714-389-8115, and Homeowner in Pacific Mobile Home Park since April 4, 2007.

Unfair Business Practices

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today about Sierra Mgt company / which also owns Continental Mobile Home Park in Santa Ana where my mom lives.
Original Issue with this company,
My mom has had a Hud voucher – section 8 of which Continental MHP had been honoring for the last 19 years and one of the stipulations from Hud Housing (of which they had a contract with Hud) is that their could not be any rent increase without their approval, over time, within the past 3 years – the rent had not been approved by Hud, but Continental continued to raise the rent even though they were told to halt. They took it upon themselves to ignore this and continued to raise the rent, my mom being a senior was afraid not to pay the rent increases and continued to pay even though Hud said no. This all put my mom in the middle of Hud and Continental – I stepped in and told Continental that we refuse to pay any more increases and had my mom deduct the increases on her space rent invoice since it was in violation of Hud’s contact with them, the office did take her check and then within 3 weeks, she was served with an eviction notice. So that attempt went down the toilet. Hud housing did nothging to and does nothing when their contract is violated, they only care if they are owed money. This is their stand.
In the meantime, I have been helping my mom to move out of her home after 23 years, and this process has now been going on for 3 months and I’ve had to abandon my work and life to assist her (I’m happy to help though) and it looks like it will still take another 2 months before we can get her completely out.
We put her house up for sale in May, and no one wants to buy her well kept home due to Continental charging new move ins space rent of $1550.00. They seem to squeeze you out and want us to continue to lower our price and then when it is low enough (maybe $5000) then they scoop it up from the tenet – resale it at $1,000 down and then only charge this new tenet $1,000/month space rent at $550 less than what they charge our potential buyers for. No one wants to start out at $1550 with rent increases of $79.00 per year. It leaves homeowners no way out but to maybe move their home at $10,000-12,000 and hopefully we can find a lot to move it too. No one in Orange County charges $1550.00 space rent right off the bat and this is a run down mobile home park in a primarily Hispanic community.
This whole ordeal has been extremely trying and I am lost as to what to do. Presently we are still doing our best to get her transitioned and ultimately hope to move her home out. The stress has been so high over this and Continental’s business practices are unconscionable. Their are many people in the same predictiment and are forced to stay, since they can not find a buyer at these exorbitant rates.
Thank you for your magazine and your support for the mobile home community, and my mom will be happy to support your magazine and we will pass out your information. Sierra Mgt needs to be stopped of these horrible business practices.