There is always something to talk about and  bring to light regarding just what ADVOCATE people do.  We are here to provide  assistance and guidance. We obviously do not have all the answers.  However, we do,   hopefully point YOU in the right direction.  We do not claim to be the answer to          everyone’s particular situation or problem.  But we do offer and provide communication, information, and unity to our members and even if YOU are not a member, but a mobile home owner, residing in a mobile home park.

A mobile home resident who belongs to a very large group of people that can influence not only their neighbors, but public opinion.  However, the status of a group can change over time as political parties come into power.  That is why YOU must be registered to vote and make sure you cast YOUR    BALLOT.  The biggest function of an        advocacy group is to provide information.  These advocacy groups provide information to politicians, Board of Directors,  constituents and members of all mobile home       residents that are willing to get involved.  It takes TEAMWORK, DEDICATION,      UNIFICATION, and EDUCATION.

Further, you must not follow your leaders blindly.  YOU must ask questions and hold YOUR leaders accountable for their actions.  YOU must know all the facts before you can make a logical and timely decision.  It is   generally thought that mobile home owners must be enticed with some type of benefit to join an advocate group.  The reason for this is that mobilehome owners do not need to be a member of a particular group to reap the benefits of that advocacy group.

An advocate group dedicated to improving mobile home residency standards will fight for the general goal of improving mobile home living for every mobile home resident. So there is no real incentive to join an        advocate group and pay dues if they will receive that benefit anyway.

Advocacy groups MUST receive dues and contributions from its members in order to accomplish its agenda.  Every advocate group does not, in turn, receive monetary help from every mobile home owner.  There are many that simply can not afford the yearly dues.

That is why CoMO-CAL works with ALL mobile home owners. We do need your support and we do need your help in providing information to the 1.5 million mobile home owners in California.  By YOUR involvement you can exert influence on so many others.

People say they are afraid.  People say they will be evicted from their homes.  People don’t want to get involved or can’t due to medical problems.

But, I say to YOU now that taking a stand and fighting for YOUR rights and YOUR investment is a FREEDOM and YOU AND ONLY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Please join an ADVOCACY Group.  CoMO-CAL, GSMOL, CMRAA, BCMOA, NEIGHBORHOOD FRIENDS or……..

Get involved with your mobile home park. Get involved with YOUR LIFE.


BOB HITES Vice President of CoMO-CAL

A Double Dose of Listen Up by Bob Hites

Did I hear what I thought I said?, or did I read what I thought I wrote?  Strange but true.  Actually it is unbelievable.  Mobile Home      residences for the most part do not want to be involved with the issues that truly affect their very means of living.  How many of you can afford to lose your homes?  None, I am quite sure.  You say what a ridiculous statement.  Who would take my home? I own it.  Well folks, look around.  How many are up for sale in your park?  How many have been sold?  What kind of problems are the seller and/or the buyer encountering.  Many.. And the list is growing and it is to large to include in this   article.  The threats are real.  The people are serious.  The people are looking out for their own welfare and not for yours.

Just ask any advocate in the mobilehome or manufactured home industry.  The problems are way out of hand and what does the home owner do.  Stick their heads in the sand and look the other way like the situation is going to go away. Well I have a news bulletin for you:   IT IS NOT GOING AWAY!

The situation is only going to get much more involved. This is only the tip of the Iceberg.  Just wait.  If rent control is abolished in     California and the park owners and apartment owners are successful and your rent doubles or triples and you end up selling eggs or pencils on the street don’t say you were not forewarned.  Advocates spend numerous hours of preparation and mostly at their own expense trying to get the word out to mobile home residences only to find a small percentage of     listeners and readers. How do we know this?  It is quite simple.   We put out fliers,  e-mails, newsletters and we get very little feed back.  When we do get an inquiry it is way too late for assistance.  You folks wait until the chips hit the fan and then you call.  Help, I am in a situation and I  don’t know what to do.  Well, we are not miracle workers, and we are not 911 and we are not your doctor. A very       famous English statesman Sir Winston Churchill once stated :

“One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try  to run away from it.  If you do that, you will double the danger.  But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half.” 

Churchill made that statement in 1939 and he is talking about you and me right now.  We have to meet these threats.

We have to UNITE as one and stand as a UNIT a force to be dealt with.  You and I cannot afford to allow these dangers to continue to spread.  We have to take control of the situation and take control of our destiny.  It is your money, your investment  and your home.  Please join me and other advocate groups as we are determined to stand for our rights. We could use your help in standing up for yours.  If you would like to reply I can be reached at 530-743-2965 or my e-mail is                      anvil95993@yahoo,com.

I live in a manufactured home.  I am an advocate for mobile home owners. I believe in you WHY can’t you believe in us?





Vice President of CoMO-CAL