This will be a different approach. I am calling all VETERANS; I am calling all MEN, I am calling all WOMEN, I am calling all SENIORS, I am calling all RESIDENTS that live in a mobile home parks – LISTEN UP.

Again, I have been on the highway and by-ways of Northern California and I have received hundreds of e-mails and telephone calls from people informing me that they are scared, that they feel they will be evicted, that the managers are mean, don’t care about them, intimidate them, call them names, embarrass them, make them feel they are prisoner in their own homes.

Some are afraid to walk the streets of their mobile home park for fear of retaliation that the manager or his/her buddies will attack them.  People tell me that the park rules apply only to a few.  What can we do?  Where can we go?  Well, let’ start by being an AMERICAN, let’s start by standing up and writing down these problems.  Let’s not give ‘LIP SERVICE”

Let us write down, document, record, take pictures, annotate calendars, LET’S TAKE BACK OUR PARKS.  First these managers are people.  They put their underwear, shorts, pants, panties, coveralls, jeans, on one leg at a time.  They are people and people make mistakes.  There are Mobile Home Residency Laws that have been written and can be enforced if YOU are willing to get involved.  If YOU are going to allow these folks to do all the above, then they will.  If they see that you are not going to take a stand or fight back, they will continue to press forward with whatever they want to do.  They become fearless, and create an aire of I am bigger, better, tougher, or what ever their ego trip they are taking. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

I guess it would be alright for anyone to come to you and ask you for your pin number to your bank account.  Would you give that to them?  I sure hope not.  Let’s use some abilities that you were given by your parents.  Let’s use some tactics that you were given in military training, let’s use some God given common sense and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  YOU can start by sending letters to your park managers that they are in violation of a civil code, if you need

Assistance in determining what civil code has been violated READ YOUR MOBILE HOME RESIDENCY LAWS (MRL).  If YOU need further clarification contact your advocacy group.  Contact your home owners association.  If you don’t have one lets think about starting one. If you have not joined an advocate group, please do so.

The bottom line: YOU have to get involved with the situation at hand.  You cannot just lie down and allow park management to run over you.  If someone tried to run over, create a situation for me that was not in accordance with the MRL, common sense, OR SOUND BUSINESS PRACTCES, they will find that they would have a tiger by the tail.  So come on folks, let’s get involved with, life styles. To allow somebody or someone to bring undue hardships upon you is no ones fault but your own.


PLEASE READ, PLEASE GET INVOLVED, and PLEASE JOIN COMOCAL, GSMOL, or CMRAA.  These groups are here to help you and if they don’t please feel free to contact me directly, either by telephone at 530-743-2965, or e-mail at

I can assure you I am not afraid, I am no tough guy, but THEY or THEM will know that I am an AMERICAN and will be treated as such.  Failure to do so would not be a popular decision on their part.  SEMPER FI – ALWAYS FAITHFUL

BOB HITES, Vice President of COMOCAL