As we welcome a new year, we also reflect on the past year and what we have accomplished and the people we have met and the places we have been.  I, for one, stop and think of all the people.  They are the most important.

Did I give them my fullest attention? Did I provide them the best information I had available?  Did I respond to the same questions, with the same    answer, only to a different face?

Many questions cross my mind.  But, I then realize that all the people I have met are part of a large family. A family of homeowners that have a lifestyle that they have chosen that is best suited for them and the ones they love and depend upon.

We, as advocate groups, have a responsibility to these families. We all must strive to do one more thing.  There is always someone, somewhere that needs our assistance and we must find these    people and give them the support and information that they need to lessen their stress. Much of this stress is due to out of control managers and park owners.

Just think how simple it would be if everyone were able to live peacefully within their          communities without fear of being evicted        because someone had turned on the GREED light.  I think most will agree with me that there should be a limit to what park owners can charge for their piece of dirt.  They should stop continually raising the rent space and taking advantage of those who have limited incomes.

Our families must unite and organize their parks.  We are family, and as family we must stick       together and show strong support for our          advocacy groups and legislative lobbyist.  We are family and we can and shall be united as one.  As family members I would expect you to ask     questions of your leaders, to demand accountability and transparency in all they do and say. Don’t follow blindly and allow anyone to hoodwink you or pull the wool over your eyes, Stand with your eyes wide open and question.  There is no such thing as dumb questions (although there have been some dumb answers and lots of double talk).

So I ask each of you to become part of our growing family. I look at each and every one of you as a family member and with that you will have my complete support, dedication, ability, respect and love, as WE OUR FAMILY.

As always, I can be reached for comment at 530-743-2965 or at  Until, then I remain.


Vice President of CoMO-CAL


Are you part of the manufactured/mobile home communities or are you just a on-looker with no direction or comment?  Do you want to get      involved or do you just want stress, hardships and political chaos to continue to run rampant through your community. It is here.  It is all around us and those of us in mobile home communities sit idly by watching and hoping for change.  It is not   going to happen unless you become part of the family.  You have a telephone, you have a        address, and hopefully you have a computer with an e-mail address that can reach out and touch   someone.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  You have rights, you have suggestions, and you have a    responsibility not only to yourself but to others in your family that are less fortunate.  Maybe they don’t have a computer, maybe they are         handicapped, and maybe they have no one to help them.

We as Americans have a right to speak our minds, we as Americans have a responsibility to help our neighbors and not just stand back and be intimidated by some park owner/park manager that has for the most part taken on an identity that they are in charge of the world.  They put their pants on leg at a time. They are human beings, They make mistakes.  We all do. That’s part of being human.

Just because the person living in a mobile home community has been given a responsibility of  being a manager does not make them always right. But they are in the mobile home community and as such must be taught the family values.  They have park rules and those park rules apply to each and every resident and must be adhered to equally.  Most often this is not the case.  Some park residents have their own rules and are often heard saying I don’t care about the rules.  They say that with such   authority that one would think that they are the park management.  They are not. I call them pro-management. They gossip from one family member to the other family member and each time they do the language becomes somewhat critical of the family member that has been singled out as the trouble maker, a person who complains all the time, a non conformist. When in actuality this  person is only standing up for his/her rights as an  American citizen and following the park rules as given to each and every resident.

Now, granted some of these park rules were    written many years ago and have not been        updated since who knows when.  But you can count on the fact that the park owner has hired a park manager with a computer access. The     manager must invite all park residents to a    meeting to discuss new rules and regulations.  We suggest you not sign them.  And remember,     according to the      Mobile Home Residency Law (MRL), the new rules and regulations take effect in six months after the meeting.

By that time the problems have gone away but the rule was never incorporated into the park rules.  Or the previous manager made an exception or it is such a frivolous rule who cares.  Well, the rest of the family cares, …that’s who.  So come on   family, lend me your hands, ears, eyes and      suggestions.  These managers want to be managers, let’s give them something to manage.  The time has come for each of you to consider this.  Are you part of the family or are you just an     on-looker with no input, no suggestions, no ideas, you just love the way things are going?  Swell, you  live like that if you want.  As for me I will stand up for my rights, I can take you along but I need to know who you are.  I don’t deal in     cowardly lions.  So let me know how you feel, family.  As always I can be reached at 530-743-2965 or at  Until next time I remain. Bob Hites, V.P. CoMO-CAL