Hello everyone.  This is Bob Hites on the keyboard.  To give you a brief history lesson I have been working the trenches for CoMO-CAL             now for just a little over a year. There has been some Improvements.  However, there is much work to be done.  I have gone into some parks at the      request of the club presidents and  have seen very low turnout for monthly meetings.  This must   improve in order for any organization to succeed there must be  people in the chairs.  Some of these facilities are outstanding  and have all the comforts of home.  Others are simply a place to  meet but    nevertheless a structure that requires   attendance.

There are many dedicated individuals in each of these parks that have taken on a extra responsibility of sitting up the agenda, and  arranging for various committees, guest speakers, refreshments,  and   insuring that chairs and tables are in place.  There is much work that goes into the planning of each of these meetings.  It is sad when an outsider shows up and sees the hard work that has  applied and there is hardly any one in the audience.  It is truly a heartbreaking situation to those that are  trying so hard to  provide information to those that stick their heads in the sand  like a group of long legged birds called ostriches.

The amount  of effort that is exhibited is overwhelming and the people that  have taken the time and energy to conduct such meetings are  left to wonder is this really worth the effort?  What must I do they  ask to get the people off their lawn chairs, off the couch and into these monthly meetings.  These meetings hold a great deal of information that is not easily given over the telephone or  internet.  The information is vital and by getting it first hand gives  you the power of knowledge that can and does assist you in your  mobile home living environment.

One of the biggest issues that  is facing all of     mobile homeowners and those that rent  apartments is Proposition 98 and Proposition 99.  But when you  ask a mobile home owner if they have heard of Proposition 98 or Proposition 99 they have not a clue.  What a terrible case of not  listening or    reading what is going on in the world around you.  I realize that most if not all of the mobile home owners are on  limited incomes.  It a travesty of injustice that you folks have not taken the steps to protect yourselves.   Having the  knowledge of what these proposition can do is extremely critical  to your own way of life.  I guess each of you would like to be homeless and spend your  evenings walking the streets or  sleeping in your car.  I say wake up and smell the air.  Knowledge is power and what you don’t know can hurt you.

To go through life as a senior does  not mean it is time to lie down and die.  I  am a youngster compared to some of you.  You folks have been  through tough times and if you do not get involved with your  advocacy group, your homeowners association groups, your  CoMO-CAL Chapters, CMRAA Chapters, and GSMOL Chapters, then you all will be at the mercy of the Park Managers, Park Owners and those that want to take your property and your  Investment.  When someone calls you or sends you an e-mail  or a letter informing you of a situation that is critical to your  life style, please by all means respond.  There is much to do and we cannot accomplish our tasks without your help.  You the taxpayer, you the homeowner, you the senior citizen have a VOICE and you must involve yourself with the issues at hand.

I can be reached for comments at                         anvil95993@yahoo.com or by telephone at 530-743-2965.  As always I welcome your ideas, suggestions and comments.  We can even publish them in the VOICE.  It is your VOICE and YOUR      opportunity to shine.

Until next time, God Bless.