By Frank Wodley, CoMO-CAL President

The Mobile Home Park Task Force is not helping mobile home owners in Los Angeles.  It is a pawn of the LA Housing Department and overseen by the Rent Adjustment Commission.  The Los Angeles Housing Department would have you believe that substantive discussions of all issues take place between mobile home owners, park owners, and park owner representatives. In fact their Guide proudly states: “ The MHPTF is a group established in order to provide a forum which allows full discussion of issues in mobile home parks.”   Nothing could be further from the truth. Issues of major importance to home owners are NEVER on the agenda, issues like interference of sales, out of control managers, efforts by parks to thwart the distribution of literature.

Early in July 2006, in a move unprecedented in the history of the MHPTF, the RAC commission “removed” Clifford Kenny and myself, the most out spoken members of the Task Force, something they have never before done, even  when members had not participated in over three years or had moved out of state!!  We had made our concerns known about the “transparency” of the Task Force, where no attendance records or minutes are kept, and although the Task Force supposedly submits reports to the RAC commission, members of the Task Force never see them.

On August 1, 2006 the MHPTF meeting seemed to be a training session for the new chairman, Hakha Mortezaie, who rambled on for almost two hours, discussing obscure issues that most there had no interest.   There were a couple positive notes.  CoMO-CAL was included in the revised “Guide” as an advocacy group for mobile home owners, along with GSMOL and CMRAA.  Also the WMA MRL was replaced by one with larger font.


Today, the MHPTF does not benefit you or I.  Those serving as home owners are not our representatives. In my opinion, they only lend a legitimacy to an illegitimate group. They are doing a disservice to all mobile home owners in the City of Los Angeles.

There is no transparency, no records are kept, the final “recommendations” are never given to the Task Force members. The Task Force does not discuss “hot button” issues and perhaps never did, contrary to what their Guide says.