You Have The Power – Use It or Lose It

Let’s start at the bottom line this time. You have the power, whether or not you believe it. The power is there, in your hands and in your thoughts. Keeping your power actually requires very little of your time and money, perhaps one hour and two bucks a month! Is that too high a price to pay to keep your power? When you join COMO-CAL and read MH Life, you’re not only helping yourself, but the other 999,999 residents living in mobilehomes here in California.

Ask Yourself

Do I want to help change the condition of MH owners here in California? or Do I want to continue to be apathetic and assume I can’t do anything, so why even try?
If you are reading this article, you are probably vulnerable:
You probably live in a mobile/manufactured home park
You own your home (paid in full or pay a mortgage)
You pay rent to a landlord for the space your home occupies You belong to a community of about one million, i.e. about 1,000,000 Californians live in mobile or manufactured housing. You and the 999,000 others are essentially in the same boat.
The great majority of you, over 90%, live in rental parks, and the balance live in some sort of resident owned park. You belong to a community and the decisions you make as part of the community (of California MH owners) affects everyone.
Although you may live in a park owned by an honest, responsible, caring individual today, that can always change. So many parks previously family owned have been purchased by corporations who usually only care about the bottom line, how much money they make.
In other words, you are vulnerable. You may face harassment, senior abuse, high rent increases, loss of common grounds, intimidation, even the loss of your home and much more.
You have one or more issues you’d like help resolving

Bad Decisions

Recently a reader sent us this note: “We tilt at windmills. Everyone at our park is afraid of management. So afraid that they forego their civil rights, and contract rights.”
Don’t let fear dictate your decisions. That’s only playing into the park owners hands. And remember, your bad decisions hurt everyone. Here are a few examples:
Your clubhouse is locked during business hours. You know it should be open, yet you do nothing – that’s a bad decision.
Your manager yells at residents, intimidates and harasses. Yet you decide not to do anything – that’s a bad decision.
You don’t understand the basics of Mobilehome Residency Law and don’t want to know – that’s a bad decision. How will you ever know if management is following the law?
You can’t be bothered to join anything. You’re not a joiner. You don’t have faith in any organization, all they want is your money.
Okay, why do we say your bad decisions affect the whole MH Community? It is simple. When one park owner acts illegally and gets away with it, other park owners may follow. You may ask, “ How would they know?” We believe the park owner’s group, the WMA, networks park owners. About 40% of all park owners belong to this organization. Attorneys, management companies, suppliers, consultants, etc. etc. all know each other. The WMA has regular meetings, attended by managers and WMA representatives work in Sacramento and in most local areas. They are smart and they are determined to insure park owners investments produce the maximum income.

Good Decisions

Let’s list a few decisions we feel will greatly enhance your life in your park:
Join an organization, whether an HOA, local group or state-wide organization. Why? Because you gain strength “teaming” with others. Teams are stronger than the sum of the individuals. Remember the saying “Strength in Numbers.”
Team is the key word, it means everyone working together, each performing his own small task.
Be active in your organization of choice. Know where your money is being spent. And ask yourself, are they really helping me or just” talking the talk and not walking the walk.” What are they doing for me today? Is it worth my support?
Making a good decision need be nothing more than making a phone call, or sending an email. Something you usually do without thinking. We at Life answer our own phones and want to connect with you. Call or email us even if you just say Hello!
If you’re not getting MH Life, call Frank at 818-886-6479 and let him know. He usually responds quickly.
If you do receive MH Life, take it out of your tube or mailbox and read it. That’s simple. You can read it in the comfort of your home. Take your time, the next issue is 30 days away. You will find the saying “Knowledge is Power” is true. You will learn what’s happening around California, and tips and suggestions if you have a problem. And you will feel a part of our Community.
Be a watch dog, i.e. Inform an advocate, like COMO-CAL or MHMag, that you have issues in your park, like management problems, problems with high rent increases, etc.
Organize a HOA in your park if there isn’t a HOA now.

Decisions Above and Beyond

We would love to see you volunteer, or donate to the magazine. We would love to see you join COMO-CAL. You can’t know how important it is to keep the magazine going and how important it is to get COMO-CAL up and running, as quickly as possible. The magazine needs $1000 donations per month (that’s a meager 5 cents a copy) and COMO-CAL needs 250 new members a month for the first year. That would give COMO-CAL a base of 3,000 members. The magazine will grow in size and distribution. And COMO-CAL will get down and dirty to start solving some long term problems.
We struggle to keep the magazine free. That’s a fact, Jack! And we hope and pray you will see it in your heart to make even a small donation. Even $5 would help! That means 200 donating $5 each and every month. If everyone gave, each of you would only have to give once every eight years to keep the magazine viable!!! Go above and beyond:
Volunteer to help distribute MH Life in your park.
Make a donation, either to MH Life or COMO-CAL.
Join COMO-CAL ($25/month). This will guarantee you get the magazine. COMO-CAL is earmarking $5 of every membership for a legal fund. This means legal help from attorneys: a) Letters to managers and owners b) Attorney suggestions and tips, and c) Attorney explanation of the law. COMO-CAL pledges to be open and transparent, keep overhead low (office expenses), and be responsive to your needs. Already COMO-CAL is building a network of knowledgeable folks around the state to help brainstorm solutions to problems.

Make Good Decisions

Join COMO-CAL ($25/year), do it today! And read Life. How can you go wrong? COMO-CAL has your back. And remember, MH Life reaches more MH owners in California than any other organization. And our information is accurate, honest and can be documented. We tell the truth!
If everyone joined, that would be wonderful. Everyone would know the basics. COMO-CAL membership fees could be reduced to half or perhaps $12 or just $1 per month. With that, COMO-CAL could still do wonders!!! It’s not time to make excuses not to join, give CAMOA a chance and you won’t be disappointed. It’s simple. Put down this magazine, get out your checkbook and write a check for $25 to COMO-CAL, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA. 91313. Do it now! Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Remember, when you get MH Life, everyone in your park also gets it. You have nothing to fear. Also when you join COMO-CAL, your information is kept confidential. It is never shared with anyone, especially park management! Also remember, managers and park owners can’t evict residents, only courts can.
CAMOA & Mobilehome Magazine – A TEAM
CAMOA and MH Life are partners, yet we are independent. One makes sure the other is doing its job, i.e. there are built-in checks and balances. If COMO-CAL isn’t as responsive to their members, MH Life will say something. If the magazine isn’t working hard to reach as many MH owners as possible, COMO-CAL will say something.


Unfortunately divisiveness (a result of politics and egos) is a continuing problem here in California. Some poison the waters, they make decisions for all residents and refuse to allow the magazine into their park. They even refuse to even talk with us. Are they protecting and serving MH owners? We think not! If you experience any divisiveness, we ask you to tell these folks to get with it, either work together or go away!

Only One Reasonable Option

We feel there is only one option to go forward and resolve some decades old problems:
Strength in Numbers. That means everyone working to unite mh owners. Examples are: HOAs, regional groups, and state-wide groups.
Teamwork. That means everyone, including groups, working together, helping each other. That means every mh owner doing something to further the cause, whether just reading MH Life, communicating with a group, or donating.
Information is Power. That means providing up-to-date, accurate information to as many MH owners as possible.

One – Two Punch

Only Life and COMO-CAL embody the option above. Life reaches four times more households and provides more information than any other advocate in California. And Life is FREE. No one else comes close! Together CAMOA and Life are a one/two punch, ready and willing to step up to the plate and help MH owners.