Photo Left to Right: Dana Rasmussen (Agent), Judith Noblet-Bero (seller), Lori Ann Day (Buyer)
Judith Noblet-Bero put her home up for sale in the Blue & Gold Star Mobile Home Park. She found a buyer who was willing to pay all cash for her mobile home, and had at least thirteen years ahead cash to pay for the space rent. What could go wrong? Right? Now Judith could move to Oregon to be near her relatives.
The prospective buyer needed park approval. She provided photocopies of paychecks, a copy of her bank statements, and allowed a credit check. A letter came back denying the prospective buyer park approval. She was never told that she needed to have an 850 credit score or higher. It just was not in the park package. Her Experian/Advantage credit score was 769 when she was screened. That is a high credit score, but not high enough. The prospective buyer lost the amount she paid for the home inspection, and could not get the money back. It did not make any sense because the owner had the cash to pay straight out for the home, and thirteen years ahead space rent. She was not asking for credit, so why did a credit score even need to come into play? She was given no credit for cash. Since when does this country not take American money? Since when does America not take hard, cold, cash? The prospective buyer only had one credit card, and had a 769 Experian/Advantage score. Wasn’t she the model for what every American should be? She should not have been penalized for having one credit card, and knowing how to use it well.
Judith began asking other residents who were trying to sell their homes whether they had lost buyers because the Mobile Home Park required an 850 credit score or higher. Several buyers have been lost due to this new policy that came into affect since the Blue & Gold Star Mobile Home Park, and five other mobile home parks were left to Nita Denhoy after her father, Bill Denhoy, passed away about five months ago. Buyers at other Mobile Home Parks in the area do not need credit scores this high in order to be approved, and allowed into a park. Even when Bill Denhoy was alive, Snug Harbor, which is in the same vicinity of the Blue & Gold Mobile Home Park, had been the topic of news due to needed repairs that had been ignored.
Capitola is in Santa Cruz County, and it is under rent control. There is also the county law, RENTAL ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES FOR MOBILE HOME PARKS 13.32.072 Prior approval of purchaser. An excerpts says, “Approval shall not be withheld if the purchaser has the financial ability to pay the rent and charges of the park unless the management reasonably determines that, based on the purchaser’s prior tenancies, he will not comply with the rules and regulations of the park.” Nowhere in this civil code does it list that a buyer has to have an 850 credit score or higher as criteria to approve or deny a potential resident.
The office of the District Attorney is getting involved. Judith, the realtor for the prospective buyer, and the woman who tried to purchase the mobile home from Judith have been trying to raise awareness for what is going on.
In Santa Cruz County, if the owner of a mobile home leaves and does not occupy the mobile home, the space loses rent control. When a person cannot sell a mobile home, they are stuck unless the park owner buys it. This would exempt the home from rent control.
Judith was unable to buy her dream home in Oregon because she was not able to sell her mobile home. She feels like she is being held hostage in the Blue & Gold Mobile Home Park because she is being stopped by an unreasonable demand of an 850 credit score! Other sellers in the Blue & Gold Star Mobile Home Park could be affected by being required to sell to a prospective buyer with the qualifications of an 850 credit score or higher. This could have an affect on mobile home parks as a whole where it could bring the equity of the homes down, especially if the people begin to believe that some kind of a conversion process is going on.
Lori Ann Day