Don’t kid yourself, you and I live on the front lines of a WAR.  It may not be fought with guns, tanks, aircraft, or bombs, but it is real none the less.  We have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts we feel some managers and owners follow.  As a consequence of their actions, we are not organized, we are intimidated and afraid.  Some of our neighbors spy on us.  We are given misleading and false information —like you can’t sell your home because it is older.  This is an injustice to all of us!  And it costs us all.

Why?  Because of GREED!  These parks do not want anyone to challenge their “business.”  We feel much of the time it is “monkey business!”



Don’t let residents communicate, keep them in the dark. Don’t have “park mail tubes, or if you do tell residents the tubes are for “park” use only, not for residents to use.  They certainly are not to be used for literature questioning or being negative about the park or management, or telling residents about their rights as mobilehome owners.

Don’t let residents get organized because they might learn the truth and might challenge us.  Don’t make the clubhouse readily available; otherwise residents can use it for meetings.  If they have meetings, be sure to send a “toadie” to spy and report back to management.  If possible, create a “scene” and hope the leaders react with anger—this will turn off residents and usually ends this type of gathering.

Don’t let residents belong to advocacy organizations.  Tell them “That organization hasn’t done anything for residents.  Why waste your money on GSMOL or CoMO-LAC?  They are just troublemakers!  Tell residents you’re their  friend….

Do challenge the leaders of advocacy groups.  Do not ignore resident leaders.  Deal with them.  If necessary, make up situations and take them to court to evict them.  Defame their character.  Tell new residents not to associate with them. Harass them.

Do divide and conquer when residents organize.   Send residents who are pro-management to their meetings to spy.  Try to disrupt meetings.

Do have them report back to management on resident meetings.

Do use your “pro-management residents (toadies).”  Have them write letters saying what a terrific park it is, what a terrific job management is doing, and how terrific the owner is.

Do ad lib when you have to.  Cite the MRL as much as possible to make it appear as if you are just following the law.  But leave out sections that do not support our goals.

Do threaten residents.  Tell them their “senior” park will be converted into an all age park if they don’t cooperate with management.  Tell them you will evict them…

Do send a threatening letter from the park attorney indicating that if they don’t comply with a Rule or Regulation, we WILL give them a 60 day notice to evict them. And it will cost them thousands of dollars.

Do cajole residents into believing management is their best friend

Do give money for a Christmas Party, 4th of July BBQ, and St. Pat’s Day celebration

Do have parties for the kiddies

Do keep up the park landscaping—it is not expensive

Do have a strategy to defend an “attack” by residents.  Say this is only a small group of residents and they don’t represent the majority in the park. Say most residents are very happy living in the park.  Again use your “toadies”  for support.

Do say this about residents who complain:   They are “troublemakers”.  They are the ones who violate the rules.  They are poor neighbors.  They have character flaws. Don’t associate with them.

Don’t reply to residents letters.  Resident’s letters about problems, letters trying to rebut a 7 day notice, etc.  If you give someone a notice and they reply, just ignore it.

Do harass residents.

Do use the “e” word (eviction):  “If you don’t stop…, I’ll evict you.”

Do keep residents in line with a 7 day notice and a threatening 60 day notice.

Do use the MRL to your advantage.  Underline the section that applies and let the resident read it.  Misquote the MRL, leaving out sections adverse to our goals

Do upgrade the park.  Get those older mobilehomes out.  We will reap the benefits!

Do use the park attorney when necessary.

This war is a psychological war, perhaps far worse than a real war. And there are unseen casualities, people are getting sick, and probably even dying as a consequence. It is difficult to see.  One must know what to look for and be observant.  It is resident versus park owner and manager.  What drives this war?  Money and greed. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!