Frank Wodley is a resident of Chatsworth     Mobile Home Park in Chatsworth, northwest of Los Angeles.  His education is in Chemistry with a M.S. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin. In the mid-1980 Frank was the President of a personal growth  institute, the Sirkin Institute.  This provided          him with experience in newsletter publishing.

A family man with a grown daughter and 10 year old son, Frank became involved with mobilehome issues when his manager tried to evict him in 2002.

Frank  became a member of GSMOL in 2002 President of his Chapter in early 2003, Associate Manager for the San   Fernando Valley in mid-2003, Convention Delegate in January 2004, and outspoken critic of the present leadership of GSMOL after attending many Board of Directors meetings in Garden Grove, and making two inspections of GSMOL’s records.  Issues such as ELF and membership loss have been Frank’s concerns.  He knows the importance of unity and organization.  One person simply does not have a voice.

After the 2004 convention Frank wanted to unite GSMOL members by creating an email network, only to be immediately “shut down” by GSMOL leadership.  Then he brought together seven other GSMOL managers from around the State to write a recommendations report asking GSMOL to “focus resources more on our local parks” and spend less time in Sacramento.  Members of the Recommendations Committee were Tom Lockhart (Long Beach), Ralph Weber (Lancaster), Patricia Owens (Sacramento), Betty Thompson (Placerville) , Diana Johnson (Bay Area), Jim Burr (Visalia), and Donna Matthews (Calimesa-San Bernardino).    Their report took about two months to write and was submitted to the Board of Directors in July 2004.

Many of those who are active in mobilehome issues have joined David  Spensleys’  website   at  The idea to form CoMO-LAC actually came from communication with leaders around the state, especially with Elaine Hostetter, then President of SCMOA.   Frank formed CoMO-LAC after preliminary meetings in Glendora late in 2004 at Joy’s Mobile Home Park on historic Route 66.  Frank is now Editor of the newsletter, just submitted large packets of material to the post office and IRS for tax exempt status and non-profit mailing status.  He is actively communicating with active mobilehome owners and working on member recruitment.  Frank is the driving force behind the scenes.  “Let’s all work together.  GSMOL, CMRAA, SCMOA, CoMO-LAC, etc.  We can afford nothing less!”

The following six recommendations were made:  1) Let the membership make suggestions to GSMOL by forming committees on various issues such as ELF, membership, etc.   This would allow more members and officers to feel they are a part of GSMOL. 2) Communication.  Establish a statewide GSMOL e-mail Network. 3) Let active members use the Californian and website to promote the creation and work of the committees. 4)Allow GSMOL officers to have easier access to the membership roles.   5) Support our effort to focus more on the direct needs of GSMOL volunteers with reduced resources on new legislation.  Approve our goal to encourage many more members to work directly on the needs of mobilehome owners statewide. And 6) Make Board of Directors Minutes available to managers.

Further the report stated Managers need to be supported by the League, informed, and involved.  They need to play an important role in policy making, they need to know the League listens to them, they need to know the league will act on their suggestions and recommendations. And they need to know GSMOL will assist them to enforce the MRL and they need to know they are not fighting alone. (Unfortunately GSMOL has not made any significant changes and in fact has become more secretive.  And membership continues to drop.)