CoMO-CAL’s President and Founder is Frank Wodley.  He is an eleven year resident of Chatsworth Mobile Home Park in Chatsworth, northwest of Los Angeles.  Born in 1943 (Seattle, Washington) he attended the University of Washington, eventually getting a M.S. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin.

Frank has been a general building contractor since the late 70’s and still works part time building residential additions. This last year Frank worked full time on CoMO-CAL.

In the mid-1980’s Frank was the President of a personal growth institute, the Sirkin Institute, which provided  him with experience in newsletter publishing and a desire to help others.

A family man with a grown daughter and 13 year old son, Frank’s concern with mobilehome issues started when his manager tried to evict him in 2002.  Frank  became a member of GSMOL in 2002, President of his Chapter in early 2003, Associate Manager for the San   Fernando Valley in mid-2003, a GSMOL    Convention Delegate in 2004, 2006 and an observer at the GSMOL Convention in 2008. Frank has been outspoken critic of the present leadership of GSMOL  after attending many Board of    Directors meetings in Garden Grove, and making two inspections of GSMOL’s      records.     Issues such as ELF and membership loss have been Frank’s concerns.

Frank tried to change the focus of GSMOL from legislation to working on issues we face daily in our parks by making positive suggestions at Board Meetings and through a “recommendations committee.”

The idea to form CoMO-LAC actually came from communication with leaders around the state, especially with Elaine Hostetter, then President of SCMOA.   Frank formed CoMO-LAC after preliminary meetings in Glendora late in 2004 at Joy’s Mobile Home Park on    historic Route 66.

From day one, Frank has     written,  printed, and mailed the newsletter and other informational  material from his singlewide mobilehome in Chatsworth.  He also runs the office, keeps track of membership,  etc.  The buck stops at his desk, so if you have a problem with your membership, call Frank, he is happy to help.


Frank’s bottom line:  “Mobilehome owners are suffering all across the nation.  My focus is on them and their plight.  We must draw a line in the sand and say we won’t take it anymore.  I applaud anyone or any group who is working for mobilehome residents.  This is not about CoMO-CAL, this is about the right of mobilehome owners to live in peace, without stress, without intimidation or harassment.  Please join me in this fight.”