In early 2009, GSMOL asked other advocates to meet with them. The purpose was to get everyone “on the same page” with GSMOL’s efforts in Sacramento (legislation).
COMO-CAL leaders attended the second “Summit” in Sacramento, a morning session, with GSMOL, i.e. only GSMOL and COMO-CAL attended. Present were Tim Sheahan (GSMOL President) , Jim Burr (GSMOL VP), Bruce Stanton (GSMOL Corporate Attorney), Frank Wodley (COMO-CAL President), Bob Hites (COMO-CAL VP) and David Grabill (COMO-CAL Attorney). At that time COMO-CAL President Frank Wodley suggested merging the efforts and resources of advocates in California and focus a united effort to counter the Park Owners efforts. Unfortunately, a month later, the GSMOL board rejected the suggestion and folks went their separate way.


In the almost 5 years since that meeting, and much has happened. GSMOL’s membership has declined to approximately 11,000 and COMO-CAL closed it’s doors in lieu of publishing a free magazine – Mobilehome Magazine. Today MHMag is 5 different magazines with a monthly circulation of 25,000 copies.
What MH Owners Want and Deserve
Our surveys suggest mh owners want advocates working together. The following plan is a first step to accomplish this goal. We have believed and continue to believe mobile/manufactured home owners absolutely need a strong GSMOL to advocate for us in Sacramento. It is simple, strength comes with added memberships!
We Propose MHMag Print the Californian
One thing we do well is printing. So why not print the Californian for GSMOL. We can save GSMOL lots of money, i.e. we can save mh owners lots of money.

MHMag Volunteers to Help GSMOL

Today, GSMOL and MHMag each has it’s own distribution network. GSMOL mails the Californian, every other month, to approximately 11,000 members state-wide. MHMag distributes, by hand, to 25,000 households in over 100 parks.
MHMag’s plan would mean MHMag would print approximately 35,000 copies of the Californian, as a full color magazine similar to MHMag. GSMOL would be solely responsible for the look and content, i.e. it is GSMOL’s magazine. MHMag would distribute 25,000 copies of the Californian every other month to the parks now getting MHMag. GSMOL would continue to distribute the remaining 11,000 magazines.The cost to GSMOL is yet to be decided, but we feel we can do the printing and distribution for less than GMSOL is currently spending to print and distribute only 11,000 copies, i.e. it is like GSMOL is getting an extra 25,000 distribution for nothing. And that’s a potential 25,000 new members. What better way to help GSMOL Rebuild, Renew and Restore?
What Does MHMag Want in Return?
Nothing! Why? Because we believe a strong GSMOL benefits everyone and our plan certainly benefits GSMOL and mh owners as a whole. That would result in 25,000 more mobilehome owners getting the Californian!

Benefits To GSMOL

a. GSMOL will reach 25,000 additional potential members at no additional cost.
b. GSMOL would show the Community that it is working with MHMag in a team effort to help the Community.
c. The Californian will be delivered to “parks”, not “individuals.” We feel this potentially could simplify the way GSMOL keeps records. But that’s up to GSMOL.
d. There will be no competition for members between organizations. This new combined effort will ultimately result in a resurgence of GSMOL and lead to the state-advocate to again become the power it once was.

Benefits to MH Owners

a. This is a first step to have your advocates working together. That has been a priority for MHMag since it’s inception.
b. 25,000 more households get the Californian.
Please Help Make This a Reality
We at MHMag feel this is a terrific plan. Both GSMOL and mh owners benefit. GSMOL becomes stronger and that means better advocacy in Sacramento. And better advocacy directly benefits you, the homeowner.
So what’s the catch? GSMOL must still approve this plan. We ask that you write GSMOL indicating your support (and send us a copy of your letter please). It can be as simple as “I support Mobilehome Magazine’s plan to print and distribute the Californian. We urge you to work with Mobilehome Magazine.” GSMOL’s address is 6101 Ball Road, Suite 202, Cyprus, CA. 90630. Or email Mary Jo Baretich, GSMOL President at mjbaretich@hotmail.com. Their phone number is 800-888-1727 or 714-826-4071. We thank you!