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                                                                                February 26, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello from the Mission Valley Village Mobile Home Park in San Diego.

As some of you may already know, despite all of our communications with the previous land owners of our park, informing them of our desire to purchase the park, along with meeting all the required state criteria to qualify to make this request, and finally making the offer to match any offer they might receive from any other potential purchaser (and being prepared to provide the funds for purchase), they sold the park privately. We were denied our First Right Of Refusal, while the park was being sold in secrecy to a developer who builds apartments

Within two months of purchasing the park the new owners, Archstone Smith held a meeting (April 2007) along with armed guard security, they announced to the all senior residents a “One Year Notice” of their intent to close the park. They stated a relocation package would be presented in 1-3 months and that all of us should plan to be out of our home in two years.

We were and still are determined not to be displaced without a fight to save our homes, and this much needed form of affordable housing for senior citizens in San Diego. Our HOA (Home Owner’s Association) had already surmised what the previous owners were planning (the sale of the park) when they suddenly raised our rents 66% within three years. The HOA filed a lawsuit against the previous owner in January 2007 for the failure to maintain the property, evidenced by raw sewage spills and power outages. Despite these facts the sale of the park was completed. Therefore, the HOA added to the lawsuit damages resulting from being denied our First Right Of Refusal to purchase the park.

We were hoping that the State of California would see what is happening to Senior Citizens and pass a good “First Right of Refusal Law”. The Western Mobile Home Park Owners Association (WMA) will spend millions of dollars to fight any bill that will give the home owning residents participation in the future of the park and defeated the FRR bill.

A year has gone by and still no relocation plan has been sent to City Hall.  The new owners have petitioned the Community to “Initiate the Removal of the Mobile Home Overlay Zone” law that is on this property as it is on all of the San Diego Mobile Home Parks (MHPs). This special zoning is meant to protect the MHPs from this very kind of modern day piracy. The former park owners, who we are suing, have held deposition sessions with us for three months now.

This is their way of increasing our legal cost in the attempt to bankrupt our funds as well as our spirit and therefore force us to forfeit our lawsuit. In addition we have offered Archstone Smith, the new park owners the same amount of money they paid for the park to avoid loosing our homes and the closing of the park, to this date they have not acknowledge our offer.

Initially there were 115 homes in the park.  We now have 100 homes left. Within days of the announcement of the parks closer, we had three deaths and two heart attacks brought on by the stress to our residents, due to the instant uncertainty of their future and the fear of the loss of their homes. Others have sold their homes for whatever the new owners would offer. Neither they nor their families could deal with the stress and fear of not knowing what will happen to them. For some, this was their life’s savings and they will be unable to buy another home. Their only choice is an institutional facility or returning to their children who are most often already over burdened with financial stress. We need your help now!

Our goal as we pursue our lawsuit is that the damages will be great enough to result in making any park owner in California think twice about not offering the First Right Of Refusal to their residents.  We want all park residents to have the opportunity we were denied. This is the original intention of the First Right of Refusal (FRR) Law without additional variations sponsored by WMA.

We are sponsoring a variety of events to raise Legal Funds for our very expensive but valuable lawsuit. We urgently need about $20,000.  We would like to acknowledge the generous donation of $1,000.00 from COMPAC, the $1,000.00 Karaoke fundraiser from Old Cliffs MHP, and the several donations that have been sent to our legal fund. Without those donations we would have been forced to abandon our lawsuit.

We are asking for your support, we will accept and appreciate any donation you are able to contribute to our legal fund. Please help us to prevail in our fight to make California a better place for all mobile home owners.

We would appreciate whatever you can give a dollar or two or a hundred or more from a club or chapter. COMPAC sent us a check for $1,000 and others have also sent us help and every cent will go into our Legal Fund. Help us to prevail in our fight and make this State a better place for all Mobile Home Owners.

Please mail donations to:

MVV HOA LF          .
6549 Mission Gorge Rd.             .
P.O. 173            .
San Diego, Ca. 92120


Homer Barrs,

HOA, President






Homer Barrs,