We were horrified and saddened to see and hear of the devastation from hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi.  So many thousands of people now homeless.  And their continuing suffering.  At least the government is involved, pouring billions of dollars into the region—let’s just hope some of it get’s to those in need.

We have our own Katrina right here in California.   Parks all across the state are violating the Civil Code.  They are telling residents to move their mobilehomes just because they are older.  And telling residents the law allows them to do this.  BUT THEY LIE, simple as that!  The MRL only requires older homes be moved if there are health and safety violations that have not been corrected

One CoMO-LAC Member writes (Maybe some of you feel like her!):

We have lost half, if not more, of our homes and residents here.  That puts so much fear in people its terrible.  I sit here in this goddamn house freezing every night because I can’t afford to turn the furnace on.  My son and daughter in law pay for my electricity and phone bill because I can’t afford that either.  Laundry is piled up neck deep because I can’t afford the water bill it would take to do it.  I’m fed up to the gills with being stressed out knowing that people are getting screwed out of their homes and cheated out of their rightful selling price.  I’m sick of seeing our manager pick on people who can’t stand up for themselves because of the lax manner in which the laws that are supposed to protect them are handled.  And because of their own ignorance or just plain fear that they will lose their homes and get nothing at all for them.  I, like so many others, don’t have any alternatives if I lose mine.  That’s why I fight, Frank.  In any way I can.  That’s why I rack my brain to try to find some answers to how to stop all this and help these people.  Because I have to help myself.  I live on a fixed income of $812.00 a month as do many others here.  There are no “extra’s” of any sort.  There is no extra income to pay for them.  EVER.

I have said all along that the only way to stop this is to form a coalition of as many of the other organizations as possible and become that ONE VOICE so we will be heard.  We keep doing the same old thing and none of us are getting anywhere.  We will all sink if it isn’t stopped.  How could we not?  Everybody makes such a huge frigging deal out of it if one resident in some park we never heard of wins a case against their manager/owner.  In the meantime HUNDRED’S more are losing their homes to these people simply because we can’t get our act together.

As I said, last night I went through a whole lot of emotions because another neighbor just lost out to them the day before.  Then yesterday, Rose, who is my eyes and ears all over the park told me that the manager has just got another home and has now started in on a developmentally disabled gentleman that lives next door to her.  He can’t defend himself and he will comply until his family can’t take it anymore and they will move him out just like so many, many of the others have.  Just like the last two that were bought out in as many days. We’re talking about a hundred people, and in some cases, whole families that are now gone.  How many more than that could you handle seeing leave under such circumstances before you did something as drastic as what I proposed?  I don’t even give a damn if it fails.  At least I would have TRIED!


While watching Oprah the other day when they were telling the truth about the Katrina disaster, Anderson, a reporter, stated: “The whole world is looking at us.  And that this is a time when we step us as a nation or not.  We should be judged as a nation, as a people, by how we are for our fellow citizens and by that measure we need to take a hard look at ourselves, where we are now, and what we’re doing and if we’re doing enough.”

My friend Kristen  in Wisconsin writes in her newsletter:  An injustice to one is an injustice to all.

Ask yourself, do you trust CoMO-LAC?  Are they spending our money to help us?  Is there really a need to UNITE?  Is our life style in jeapordy?  Could we really lose our mobilehome?  Do I believe “ an injustice to one is an injustice to all?”