The Mobilehome Parks Act (MPA), Title #25, Sec 100 “Application and Scope” are all the standards and requirements in the Park owner’s Conditional Use Permit.
The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is the governmental enforcement agency for the provision of the MPA, Title #25.
HCD # 18254: Purpose
(a). It is the purpose of this part to accomplish both of the following:
1. Assure protection of the Health, safety, and general welfare of all Park Residents.
2. Allow modifications in regulations adopted pursuant to this part in a manner consistent with the criteria established in this part
(b) The regulations adopted by this department pursuant to the authority granted in this part shall provide or equivalent or greater protection to residents of parks than the statutes and regulations in effect prior to January 1, 1978.
# 1104 Mobilehome Lot Identification
(a) All mobilehomes lots shall be defined by corner markers or designated by street number or other approved means and the lot lines defined. The lot designation shall be in a conspicuous location facing the roadway, or on the front side of the mobilehome nearest the roadway.
(b) Lot lines shall be defined by corner markers or other approved means. Lot lines shall be considered to be the inside surface of any fence or windbreak erected parallel to and delineating the lot boundaries, or of any perimeter wall or enclosure of the park erected inside the property line.
#1616 Mobilehome Lot Identifications
Contained the above (a) and (b) and added (c).
(c). Lot lines shall not be moved, shifted, or altered without written authorization from the local planning department and the occupants of the mobilehome lots affected.
H & S Code #18500. Acts requiring Permit.
It is unlawful for any person to do any of the following unless he or she has a valid permit issued by the enforcement agency.
(b). Construct additional buildings or lots., alter building, lots, or other installations in an existing park

So I believe, that when mobilehome owners contracted to have their home investments installed in a mobilehome park the terms and conditions of those contracts are the standards and requirements in the park owner’s Permit to Operate. So according to these codes any alteration of any lot listed on the original park map would have to have an alternate permit approval from HCD and the occupant of the lot in question. So I believe if the park owner alters a lot without receiving and alternate permit it is the HCD administrator statutory duty to issue a penalty, because H & S Code # 18500 states it is unlawful.
H & S Code #18700. Violation; offense; punishment; permit suspension or revocation.
Article by Donna Matthews. You can reach Donna through Manfactured-Home Life.