Janel Corey’s life in Boulders I, a mobile home park owned by the City of Palmdale north of Los Angeles, has been a nightmare.  Remember in 2005, Jim Ledford, Palmdale’s mayor came to a CoMO-CAL recruitment  meeting seemly to disrupt it.  The City of Palmdale hired Pacific Newport Management, part of the WMA group,  to manage their parks. Needless to say management in Bolders I is typical—harassment, intimidation, etc.

Janel moved into Boulders I in 2003.  She was given a 10 year lease by the City of Palmdale.  Her rent was fixed for 10 years at $285.00!  Such a deal, right?  Well recently Newport Pacific Management has been bombarding Janel with seven day notices, for everything from non-existing weeds to disturbing the neighbors at 2am in the morning.  Management even sent out the Palmdale Sherriff.

We speculate that the park wants Janel out because of her terrific lease.  Other residents have gotten similar treatment and have left, but not Janel.  She contacted the Housing Rights Center in Los Angeles (1-800-477-5977), whose mission  is to “actively support and promote freedom of residence through education, advocacy, and litigation, to the end that all persons have the opportunity to secure the housing they desire and can afford, without regard to their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, familial status, marital status, disability, ancestry, age, source of income or other characteristics protected by law.”

Now that the Housing Rights Center is involved, it appears as if Newport Pacific is backing off.   This story is ongoing and we will update it next month. What is the bottom line?  Don’t give up.  Call CoMO-CAL and we can assist.  We have other resources.  Don’t let the park win!