A bill to eliminate the automatic delivery of the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) to park residents in California was sponsored by Western Manufactured Housing Communities (WMA – the park owners group) and passed uncontested. On July 15, 2010 Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB2120 into law, releasing parks from their obligation to deliver the MRL by February 1st every year, beginning 2011. The following is an analysis of the bill by the state assembly:
The MRL is California’s landlord-tenant law for mobilehome parks. When a homeowner signs a rental agreement in a mobilehome park, a copy of the text of the MRL must be attached as an exhibit. Anytime the MRL is significantly changed, park management must provide a new copy of the MRL to every homeowner by February 1 of the next year. This requirement has been in statute since 1981. The MRL has been changed through legislation every year since then and is significantly longer than it was in 1981.
As of 1/1/2011, AB 2120 requires the management of a mobilehome park to either provide a new copy of the MRL to all homeowners when the law changes or notify all homeowners that the law has changed and provide a free copy upon request.

Filling the Void

AB2120 is a loss for all mobilehome owners and a wake up call for advocacy groups. The Coalition of Mobilehome Owners (COMO-CAL), our former group, took a giant step in filling the void left by the passage of AB2120. They published the Handbook on Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.
Now every mobilehome owner has a “reference guide” available to them that explains many of the more important laws from the MRL in simple, concise, easy to understand language. Remember the MRL distributed by the WMA? It was a booklet about 15 pages long with very small type difficult for many of us to read. All the laws were there, but it was a challenge to use. Now we have a nice looking reference in large type. So please, tell your friends and neighbors about COMO-CAL’s FAQ Handbook – available only through Mobilehome Magazine – $4 plus $2 postage ($6.00 total). Just send a check for $6.00 to Mobilehome Magazine, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA. 91313. We will mail it first class mail to your home the same day we receive your order form.
And please read it and keep it for reference!