We feel it is important that residents, managers and park owners understand, right from the start, the philosophy of Mobilehome Magazine. There are lots of misconceptions and now is a good time to make OUR position clear.
Mobilehome Magazine is not anti-manager or anti-park owner. In fact, one of our goals is to promote good relations between park owners, managers and residents. We understand that this is a business, but we also believe that residents have a right to a stress-free life, free from the many negative situations that are a reality in so many mobilehome parks today. We are not confrontative, just read some of the testimonials. Our work with park owners, managers and residents results in a better life for all.

Our Message to Park Owners & Managers

We want you to know we welcome your input. We welcome articles that provide our readers an understanding of various park issues from your perspective. In fact my manager, Melody, has been good enough to write a few articles in previous issues of Mobilehome Magazine.
Ultimately, our goal is to have managers, owners AND residents all follow the law. To that end, MHMag is providing the tools so everyone knows their individual rights and responsibilities. No one is enforcing the law for you, and if there is to be enforcement, it is on your shoulders. Enforcement requires that you at least have a basic knowledge of the law.

Strength in Numbers

We believe that a group of residents are much more effective combatting many issues in a park than just one or two. There is Strength in Numbers. To that end, we feel every park should have a Home Owners Association (HOA) that advocates for residents rights. Mobilehome Magazine can guide your efforts to form your own HOA. It only takes 3-4 residents who want to make a change.

Knowledge is Power

Our readers are a great example of the saying “Knowledge is Power.” Mobilehome Magazines give you information that will empower you to help yourself.

Laws Are Not Enough

Our philosophy has never changed. Ten years ago we felt laws are not enough and we feel the same way today. Unfortunately enforcement of the law must begin with you. And unless you have a basic knowledge, i.e. Law 101, you will fail.

MHMag & Other Advocates

We feel it is important for all advocates to work together for the greater good of all mobile/manufactured home owners in California. And our recent survey demonstrates this opinion is shared by the great majority of mobilehome owners.
So what does “working together” mean? It simply means that MHMag will support and assist other groups. Today we are reaching 30,000 homes in California. That’s roughly 90,000 residents who live in mobilehome parks.

The Future

Although we have experienced a rapid expansion this last month, we are not satisfied. In fact we are actively working to develop distribution networks in some high density areas such as San Jose and Hemet. Please help us in our efforts to reach more and more residents across California.