Perfect solution for mobile home woes

Letter to the Editor, Modesto Bee 4/10/2007

Having been involved in the ongoing struggle between mobile home park owners, park residents and local governments in their efforts to enact a rent stabilization ordinance, I feel it’s time to create the perfect solution, which should please everybody. Well, maybe not everybody.

The Board of Supervisors and the Modesto City Council should acquire every mobile home park within their jurisdiction by right of eminent  domain, already sanctioned and approved by the Supreme Court. Compensate park owners at the usual rate, which should give them some idea of the pain the residents are feeling right now.

Install a resident manager to maintain each park and collect rents. Declare all parks low-income housing and base the rents on residents’ income. This would add needed low-income housing to the already depleted pool, without the necessity of building it in neighborhoods where they don’t want it. This would generate a sizable income for local governments.

Imagine, hundreds of spaces, maybe even thousands, paying a monthly rent. It boggles the mind. A committee could be appointed to oversee the parks. After all, what’s one more committee among friends?



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Mobile Home Owners Stranded

Letter to the Editor Modesto Bee 04/09/07

To city (Modesto) and county (Stanislaus) officials: Equity Life Styles dangled the bait and you took it, just as they knew you would. By doing so, you instantly declared that those who couldn’t meet ELS’ unreasonable rent demands were “hardship cases” and in need of public assistance. What a degrading treatment of your elderly and veterans!

To the Board of Realtors: The number of mobile homes for sale continues to increase; hardly anyone is even looking, much less buying. The market is so saturated that many are no longer listed. Added to those whose owners had to walk away, the number of unoccupied, abandoned homes is also increasing. How can this possibly benefit your industry?

To the Chamber of Commerce: If you don’t support us, how can we support your members? The more rent that residents must pay, the less they have to spend locally. And all that ELS rent money leaves the community and goes to Chicago.

To everyone: Mobile home residents don’t like rent control, either, except when it is the last option to saving one’s home and affordable lifestyle.

To the City Council: You can do better.


Editors Note:  Sandy lives in Coralwood MHP,  controlled by Sam Zell.  She is one of the hard working ladies that have been working for months trying to get rent control for the county.


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