From the first election results it was obvious that the outcome would be close.  In the end, Proposition 90 was defeated by the narrow margin of 52.5% to 47.5%.  In fact, similar propositions were defeated in two other states—Washington and Idaho.  Another passed in Arizona.  Days before the election the noprop90 folks issued the following:  “Elections are always about choices.  When it comes to Proposition 90, the choice couldn’t be more clear.

DIVERSE OPPOSITION: More than 400 respected organizations are opposing Prop 90 – one of the largest coalitions ever formed to defeat a ballot measure.  Groups that normally don’t agree like the League of Women Voters and the California Taxpayers’ Association; the Labor Federation and the Chamber of Commerce; the Sierra Club and the Farm Bureau; Governor Schwarzenegger and State Treasurer Phil Angelides. They all agree 90 must be defeated.

VERSES NARROW SUPPORT:  On the other hand, one wealthy New York land speculator has financed more than 90% of the campaign in support of Proposition 90.

OPINION LEADERS OVERWHELMINGLY SAY 90 SHOULD BE DEFEATED: Nearly 80 major California newspaper editorials have urged their readers to vote NO on 90, using strong words like “stealth”, “radical” and “a raw deal for taxpayers”.


Voting NO on 90 will save taxpayers billions, and protect our neighborhoods and our environment. Proponents of 90 want to add billions in new taxpayer costs and wipe out future laws that protect our neighborhoods, preserve our environment, and allow for the building of good schools and new roads.”

Because of the statewide support to defeat Prop 90, over 12 million dollars was raised.  The noprop90 folks presented a massive TV campaign with six different ads.  CoMO-CAL was one of the first organizations to join the fight.  We mailed over 5,000 flyers alerting mobile home owners across Southern California and we alerted other organizations, including GSMOL, of the threat.  We published information on Proposition 90 and other similar initiatives from March 2006 until December 2006 and spoke in several parks.

But we can do more.  Next time we must have an email network up and running.  We must  alert representatives in as many parks as possible.  Today we have members in about 300, yet there are about 4500 parks across California.  There is much work to be done.  Please volunteer to be a representative in your park.

The threat continues.  Read page 6—Supporters of California’s Prop. 90 plan to try again