Proposition 90 Returns & It Will Eliminate Rent Control                                                                                       by Frank Wodley, CoMO-CAL President

Yes, on November 21, 2006, just two weeks after Proposition 90 failed, another eminent domain initiative was submitted for a Title and Summary by the state Attorney General, labeled 06-0039.  The newspaper articles on the previous two pages have it right, except that the new initiative is NOT NEW.  In fact the same initiative was introduced in late 2005; however supporters did not have the funding to get it on the 2006 ballot and it died.  And the articles do not mention that we already know “The California Property Owners Protection Actwill abolish rent control in the State of California.  We reported this in our April 2006 THE VOICE.  In fact THE SACRAMENTO REPORT by Greg McConnell published on February 6, 2006 made the following statement:  “THE ACT would amend the California Constitution to prohibit government from taking private property and transferring it from one private owner to another private person.  In other words if the act were to become law…rent control throughout the state would be abolished.”

There is an alternate to The California Property Owners Protection Act.  It is called “The People’s Initiative.”  It was introduced last year.  Unfortunately it did not get enough signatures to be placed on the ballot  Here is something from their website:

The People’s Initiative is the simple, single issue Initiative which provides: “No eminent domain for private gain.”

Our “people’s initiative” is an all volunteer, non-partisan, grassroots effort that brings together people from every political persuasion. Our initiative was written by people representing the full spectrum of political values from conservative to liberal. One proponent of our initiative is an active Republican and one is an active Democrat. We have set aside our partisan differences to focus on this one all-important issue of protecting our homes, businesses and places of worship from eminent domain seizures for private gain. With public opinion polls showing 80-90% of Californians opposed to the use of eminent domain for private profit in the Kelo v. New London Supreme Court decision, this is the one issue we can all get behind. Overwhelming public support for this one issue, and this one issue only, will end eminent domain abuse in California.

We call ourselves “The People’s Initiative” because we represent and base our campaign on a groundswell of support from ordinary Californians like you. We stand for a single-issuethat simply fixes the kind of abuse that has so outraged the nation in the Kelo decision. Our cause and our initiative is simply “no eminent domain for private gain.” Nothing has been added to attract funding from special interest groups to finance a paid signature gathering effort. We are not playing politics and using the public’s passion for eminent domain reform to further other political or economic agendas. We are using the initiative process in the way it was intended – to give voters a voice and a vote when the courts and our legislative process fails us.

This isn’t about politics, it’s about people. In her testimony at the Supreme Court, Suzette Kelo says it best: This battle against eminent domain abuse may have started as a way to save my little pink cottage, but it has rightfully grown into something much larger – the fight to restore the American Dream and the sacredness and security of each one of our homes.

Bottom Line:   there is already an initiative that will curb eminent domain issues, while not hurting mobile home owners.  Don’t be fooled again.  Let’s support the People’s Initiative.