Questions about THE VOICE

 Rate the mailing of THE VOICE:     Do you receive it:

□ By the 1st of the month in good condition

□ Seldom by the 1st of the month

□ Often in poor condition

□ I would rather get it by e-mail

□ Other (describe in Additional Comments)

Rate the Content of THE VOICE:

□ Poor

□ Average

□ Good

□ Excellent

What kind of content do you like most?

□ Newspaper articles

□ Description of the MRL & Laws

□ Editorials on park owner strategies

□CoMO-CAL This and That

□ Other (describe in Additional Comments)

Is there content you want but haven’t seen?

□Yes                   □ No

If you answered YES, describe (on another sheet of paper) what you would like us to include in THE VOICE:

Is the content & length (check boxes that apply):

        Length             Content

□ Too Long     □ Too Technical

□ Too Short       □ Hard to understand

□ Just right        □ Too Simple

                                 □ Just right

How many pages would you like to see?


Would you like to see more content about your park or parks in your area?

□Yes                   □ No

 Will you help us with your area?

□Yes                   □ No

  Tell us why you read THE VOICE (check boxes that apply)

□ For entertainment only

□ To educate myself about laws and happenings around the state

□ I read it cover to cover

□ I read only those articles of interest to me

□ Other—describe in Additional Comments

Do you think all mobile home owners should get and read THE VOICE?

□ No                    □ Maybe

□ Yes                   □ Absolutely!

If you answered Yes or Absolutely, would you tell your neighbors and friends?

□No                      □Maybe

□Yes                     □ Absolutely!

Can we send you complimentary copies of THE VOICE to give out?   How many?

□ No                   □ Yes

If Yes,  # of copies:_______________

We have other informational fliers.  Check which you would like to distribute:

□ Sellers Guide

□ You Don’t Have to Move your Older Home

□  Introduction to CoMO-CAL/Applications

□ Complimentary Newsletter

□  Other:_________________________

Are you interested in information about other state-wide organizations?

□ Yes                       □  No

  If Yes, what groups do you want to hear about?

□ Tell us more about CMRAA

□ Tell us more about GSMOL

□ Tell us more about MHOC

□ Tell us more about _____________

□ No, don’t tell us about other organizations.

Do you belong to another organization?




□  Other Local Organization called________

□ No, I don’t belong to another organization

Do you want more information on:

□ WMA—park owners group

□ MRL—Mobile Home Residency Law

□  What’s going on around California

□  Other parks/organizations in my area

□  Other (describe on another sheet)

How well is CoMO-CAL doing?

□  Not well – of no value to me

□ Average

□ Good

□  Excellent—a breath of fresh air

Will you renew?

□ No                   □ Yes


Have you seen it? 

□ No                   □ Yes

Rate the Content of the website:

□Poor              □Average

□Good             □Excellent

Suggestions (describe on an additional sheet)


How long have you lived in your park

□ Less than 1 year

□1 to 3 years

□ 3 to 5 years

□ More than 5 years

Is your park a Senior Park or All Age?

□ Senior   □ All Age   □ Don’t Know

Do you have rent control?

□ Yes      □ No      □ Don’t know

Is there an organized group in your park?

□ Yes                         □  No

If yes, is it pro resident or pro management?

□ Pro-resident       □  Pro-management

Do you know that CoMO-CAL will help you organize your park?

□ Yes                         □  No

Do you know that it only takes 4 residents to start an organized group?

□ Yes                         □  No

Would you like us to help you form a resident’s organization?

□Yes                          □ No

Do you live in a WMA Park?

□ No                       □ Yes

□ What is WMA?   □ I don’t know

Tell us about issues in your Park (check as many as apply):

□ No issues, all is fine

□  Management Problems

□  Rent Increases

□ Too many notices

□ Too many unreasonable rules and regulations

□  Problems with use of common areas (clubhouse..)

□ The park does not maintain common areas

□ The parks wants to upgrade and move out the older mobile homes.

□ Too many evictions

□  Interference of sales

□  Manufactured home defects, etc

□ Other (describe in Additional Comments)

If you have problems with management,  describe them:

□ Harass residents

□ Intimidate residents

□ Threaten residents

□ Other (describe on additional sheet)

Are you afraid or intimidated by management?

□Yes                           □ No

Are you afraid you might someday be evicted or lose your home?

□Yes                           □ No


What is your age?

□ Younger than 30

□ Between 30 & 40

□ Between 40 & 50

□ Between 50 & 60

□ Over 60?

Approximate Family  Income:

□ Under $10,000

□ Under $30,000

□ Under $50,000

□ Over  $50,000


How many live in your home?

Please indicate the # of adults________

Please indicate the # of children________

Would you volunteer  (Check as many as apply):

□ To be the representative for your park

□ To be the representative for your area

□ To distribute materials in your park

□  To write an article

□ To help with your local section of the voice

□  To helps us get grants

□ To let us know what’s happening in your park or your local area

□ To help with advertising or raising $$

□ Other—describe on additonal comments


Do you know we offer much more than just THE VOICE?  In fact we offer the following:

  • 12 issues of THE VOICE
  • Assistance seven days a week—by phone or email or snail mail
  • Small claims court assistance
  • A terrific website:
  • And the hope mobile home owners can have a voice and fight together for our rights.

How can we better serve you?

□ Come to our park & hold a meeting

□ Give a lecture on an issue

□ Help us organize a resident’s group

□ Provide legal assistance

□ Provide additional services (describe below)

□ Other (describe in Additional Comments)

Please provide the following:


Your name (optional)_____________________________________


Space # _________________________


Park name:_______________________