1. Am I covered by rent control if I live in Los Angeles? ANSWER:  You are under rent control if you satisfy the following criteria:  a)  You live in the CITY of Los Angeles (If you live in the County, but outside the City, you are not covered), b) You are under a one year rental agreement or less (month to month is okay).  If you have signed a rental agreement for one year plus one day or longer, YOU ARE NOT      UNDER RENT CONTROL., c)  The date of occupancy on your particular space must be BEFORE      February 1986.
  2. I don’t live in the City of Los Angeles, what about rent control in other areas? ANSWER: We will publish the criteria for your area in a future newsletter.  We will report on the Antelope Valley and Ventura in the next issue.  Look for it then.
  3. I live in the City of Los Angeles. Can my park be sold and the owner make us all move?  Can the use be changed to build homes, apartments, or condos?  ANSWER:  NO, the use of the property can not be changed because parks in the City of LA are now zoned “Mobilehome Park” and must continue to be used as mobilehome parks.  On the other hand your park can be sold as a “mobilehome park.”
  4. My neighbor does not keep up their property. The yard has weeds and the mobilehome needs repair and painting.  This lowers the value of my property.  What can I do?  ANSWER: Many of us have the same problem.  We want to be good neighbors and not confront our friends and neighbors about their unslightly space.  You should write the manager about the problem and ask the manager to keep your name confidential.  The park Rules and Regulations cover such a problem and management can give your neighbor a 14 day notice.  Management must be specific about the problem and give a fair cost to repair and clean.  After the 14 day period expires, the park can then repair and clean, charging the neighbor for the actual work performed.  Actually if management were doing their job, you wouldn’t needed to write management as they would already have given notice to your neighbor about park rule violations.
  5. Does the management have to accept the payment of rent from anyone, not just the owner of the mobilehome? ANSWER:  YES,
  6. I’ve been threatened by EVICTION. Can management evict me just because they decide they want to? ANSWER:  NO!  There are definite, written reasons, both in the Mobilehome Residency Law and most rent stabilization ordinances that detail the process management MUST FOLLOW.  If you ever have a question, contact CoMO-LAC or an attorney.  Do not be intimidated by threats!  Know your rights!
  7. Can I be evicted if I don’t pay my rent or pay it late? ANSWER: The one sure way to get an eviction   notice is not to pay your rent.  If you do not pay your rent on time and management gives you a three day notice to pay or quit, and you do not pay by the end of the three days, the park can take you to court in an “unlawful detainer” lawsuit.  Should the park prevail, they can evict you.
  8. Explain the effect of a seven (7) day notice. ANSWER:  Seven day notices are often given by management for rules/regulations violations.  We’ve seen them given without any violation—this is harassment. The MRL states that three or more notices in a 12 month period for the same violation (can result in an eviction).  However management is obligated to demonstrate that a rule or regulation in fact has been violated.  This means that the burden of proof is on management.  We suggest whenever you receive a notice, you respond in writing.